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Balancing between the Motherhood and CareerIt is every woman’s dream to marry and have a beautiful family. She aspires to be a good mother to her children and give them all the happiness in the world and spend time with them.

However, lately there has been a surge in the number of women working and pursuing a serious career. They don’t have time for anything else but their work. Their lives center around their workplace and everything else becomes secondary. Though, women are largely known to be good multi-taskers, they’re unable to.

In such a scenario, how can a woman be a good mother to her children? An increasing percentage of women rely on nannies, governesses and creches to take care of their children. But nothing or nobody can be substitute for a mother. Often, children in such cases, feel neglected and ignored. This affects their esteem and confidence. As a result, they become defensive and aggressive.

Today, a number of husbands are taking the initiative and supporting their busy wives. They don’t mind staying at home and spending time with their children. But there are still a lot of men, who believe the wife must watch over the kids.

A few tips to maintain the right balance between your job and your family

  • Time management is the key. It is very important to maintain a schedule and work according to it.
  • Don’t bring much of your office work home. It can be a spoiler.
  • When at home, spend as much time talking to your children and helping them out with their school work.
  • Make sure the children are engaged in some activity but at the same time also are not hard-pressed for time.
  • Play a lot of games with your family, both indoor and outdoor.
  • You could sometimes take them to your workplace. Some offices do have a separate cabin for children of working women and they can spend time with other children.
  • Hire a maid to do the household chores. This will give you more time with the kids.

In addition, take your children out. Socialize, meet your friends and relatives frequently and keep your children around people often.

More women these days are okay with taking time off work for a few months and taking care of their children. Once the child has settled into the groove, they gradually resume their work. This shift, though a risky one, is now being widely accepted.



By Rachel Allen
3 Oct 2010

– by Rachel Allen, Staff Writer

So the expected is unsurprising, and yet still newsworthy: Heidi and Spencer are calling off their divorce.

After filing for separation in June and divorce in July, amidst a mass outcry of dubious tabloid speculation, the divorce proceedings have officially been dismissed.

Maybe the reconciliation is a result of Spencer finally shaving that ridiculous looking beard, or they actually “realized we do want to spend the rest of our lives together,” as the suddenly blissful couple told People magazine on Thursday. But the reigning opinion is that the two were simply never broken up at all.

During their separation there was conveniently just enough time for Heidi to reportedly film a TV show about getting her life back together “post-Spencer,” and for Spencer to gallivant around making internet videos and doing his best attempts at looking like a crazy homeless person (which he succeeded in doing, if nothing else.)

The seeming falsity of the stunt is, however, inherently Speidi.  Following books on fame-mongering and more implants than any sane doctor would recommend, expect only the most outrageous from them. Twitter fights? Yep. A pregnancy scare? Sure. Or maybe even having an actual baby? If it will get them on every tabloid cover, of course! Anything is possible with these two, which is precisely why they are so hypnotic to watch.

If following the rise and fall of Speidi this summer now seems worthless, at least know there might be a reality show out of it – and let’s be honest, an all-Speidi all the time reality show is exactly what 90% of “The Hills” viewers wanted in the first place.

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