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{November 23, 2010}   Handling Drug Addiction

by – Nidarshana Sharma

In the present scenario,where our lives are ruled by stress and pressure,dependence on certain forces outside has increased.PeopleHandling Drug Addiction have progressively started taking to smoking,alcohol and drugs.While these practices have not been uncommon in the past,they have witnessed a gradual surge in their takers.School going and college students have started reveling in the after-effects of these fantasy yielding vices.Quite unfortunately,most of them are not even aware of the web that they are stuck in and are unable to wiggle themselves free.Rave parties and quiet picnics have become the order of the day.The soaring demand for these pills,power and leaves have sent prices skyrocketting.

The effects of drug addiction can be disturbing-not just for the addict but for others around them.If left unrestricted,the drug is going to win.Drug abuse is a disease of the brain,and the drugs change brain chemistry,which results in a change of behavior.Aside from the obvious behavioral consequences of addiction,the negative effects on a person’s health are potentially devastating.

Drug addiction has strong effects on the family too.The addict pushes them away from their parents,brothers and sisters.This can prove to be very difficult for the family as it is a source of support for anybody.In many cases,the addict is forced out of his home for treatement or due to the danger that they can pose.

The economy and society is also badly affected by drug addiction.The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that some $67 billion per year is the impact that drug addiction has on this country.

There are many remedies to cure this addiction.Among them the most popular is incarceration.According to Wikipedia,incarceration is the detention of a person in jail,typically as a punishment for a crime.Incarceration serves four essential purposes with regard to criminals:

1. To punish criminals for committing crimes.
2. To isolate criminals to prevent them from committing more crimes.
3. To deter others from committing crimes.
4. To rehabilitate criminals.

However,this particular method has received much flak.According to some psychologists and therapists,when in prison,the likelihood of a person nursing a desire to do drugs is higher.”Drug addiction is not a crime,it is only a sickness of the mind”,they propagate.In this regard,it is essential to treat the victims and not punish them.In addition,incarceration costs 10 times more than treatement and some governments cannot afford it.

A better alternative is rehabilitation and treatement.The sickness must be cured.This can only happen when the addict is helped to get rid of the drug content in their body.A number of successful rehabilitaion centres have successfully brought about a change in many addicts.They use a variety of biological,physical and psychological methods to get their job done.Contrary to popular belief,many addicts have returned to normalcy after stints at rehabilitation centres.

Drug addiction can be a serious problem which can be rooted out if we exercise a little more caution and act responsible and help the government in busting drug-trafficking rackets.Besides,we must ensure that our family members ,especially the youngsters move around with the right people and do not indulge in any kind of drug abuse.


by – Nidarshana Sharma

inculcate internet awareness in kidsThe Internet is today’s most widely used medium worldwide.Everyperson has a connection with the Internet.They use it to connect with their closed one’s,for shopping,for sending greetings across the globe.For any job under the sun,all of us depend on the Internet.It has become the most powerful tool for the many.

Taking the Internet’s omnipresence into consideration,it is essential that we also teach our children to use this wonderful device.Albeit the utility of the Internet,it is also the most over exploited medium,which makes it unsafe for use by children,who are very tender and sensitive.A child’s reception is much stronger than that of an adult’s and they are incapable of distinguishing between the right and the wrong stimuli,which can lead to disastrous consequences.Thus, we must be very cautious while exposing our children to stuff on the net.

What needs to be told to them is the vast network that the Internet has created around the world.Thousands of new sites are born everyday which contains vast amount of information.On the contrary,there are also websites which can be of harm to your child, from which they are to be protected.

A large number of encyclopedias have online versions,which consists of interesting facts.Some websites also provide tutorials in math,grammar and other subjects with much fun.The Internet is also chockablock with games and other activities which aid in enhancing your child’s intelligence.These must be introduced to them.At the same time,you must also ensure that your child does not become addicted to them.

The Internet has been a boon to many individuals and families alike.In many home,it has played the role of a teacher or a baby-sitter or even a guide.However,much criticism has been hurled at it.For starters,it has been criticized of making children lazy and lethargic.It has also been accused of exposing the child to abusive content.A virtual world which is more like fantasy has been thrown open to children who quite unmindfully have become a part of it and have slowly been forgetting the real world.

In order to overcome these problems,it is important for the parents to explain both the pros and cons of overusing the Internet,to their child.They must closely monitor their child’s usage of the net and must also keep a tab on the timings.They must allow their child to use the net for not more than an hour everyday,unless it is being used for homework or projects.This supervision must also not be too close, lest the child becomes rebellious or is curious to surf beyond what they can .Teach your child some safety precautions like not interacting with strangers or giving away personal details.

The Internet has created with the aim of making the world one large place and offering first-hand information and insight into various themes from all over the world.It has grown so much more and has become a commercial hub today.But it still continues to be the most helpful instrument to have been known to mankind.

Things you must know-By Nidarshana Sharma

Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels and is one of the principal vital signs.

For each heartbeat, there is a maximum (systolic) and minimum (diastolic) pressure. Each time the heart beats (about 60-70 times a minute at rest), it pumps out blood into the arteries. Your blood pressure is said to be at its highest when the heart beats, pumping the blood. This is the systolic pressure. When the heart is at rest, between beats, your blood pressure falls. This is the diastolic pressure. Gravity, valves in veins, and pumping from contraction of skeletal muscles, are some other influences on BP at various places in the body.

The term blood pressure usually is that which is measured at a person’s upper arm, on the inside of an elbow at the brachial artery, which is the upper arm’s major blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart. A person’s BP is usually expressed in terms of the systolic pressure over diastolic pressure (mmHg), for example 120/80.
Your blood pressure levels change with the kind of activity you are engaged in. BP is at its lowest when you are asleep and it increases as you get up. It can become high when you are excited, nervous or angry.

However, for most parts of the day, your BP is usually constant. A normal level is about 120/80, with a few variations. The danger is when your BP rises to say, a level of 140/90. That just indicates a high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a major reason for worry, because your heart is overworked and strained the same amount of blood and this translates to greater chances of heart and kidney diseases. High blood is often called the silent killer, because it doesn’t often manifest itself through symptoms and provides no warning signs either. When your heart is strained, it will enlarge and an enlarged heart functions with worrisome.

It is estimated that over 60 million Americans have high blood pressure.  Of this 60 million, about 35 percent of them are not aware of their it.

Having known some key facts about blood pressure, it is also important to know how to keep it in check. The most important and the most effective way is by exercise and diet control. A tab on salt intake, alcohol consumption and quitting smoking are the best ways to combat blood pressure. Individuals who are very active have a lower risk of getting high blood pressure (20 to 50 percent) than people who are not active.

Sometimes blood pressure is also controlled by medication, especially in cases where it is slightly on the higher side. However, one can control their blood pressure levels very effectively with proper food and exercise.

{November 16, 2010}   The Goodness of Aloe Vera

by – Nidarshana Sharma

Aloe Extract

For over thousands of years,aloe vera has been known as an extremely beneficial plant.It has well acknowledged positive effects on our body as a whole.It can be used in various forms,being extremely versatile.

Aloe vera also known as the true or medicinalaloe ,is a species of succulent or water-retaining plant that according to popular belief,first grew in the Southern half of the Arabian Peninsula,Northern Africa,the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.Aloe vera grows in arid climates and is widely distributed in  Africa,India and other arid areas.It belongs to the lily family and closely resembles the cactus.It contains almost 95% of water and it is rich in more than 70 essential medicinal ingredients including mineral,enzymes,proteins,amino acids,vitamins,vitamin b12,and polysaccharides.

The outer surface of the aloe vera leaf is smooth and rubbery and underneath ,is present,aloe vera gel.The usefulness of this gel can be attributed to its blend of powerful nutrients.There are ,in all,fifteen of them.The gel is a mixture of antibiotic,coagulating agent,cell gr

owth stimulator,astringent,pain inhibitor and scar inhibitor.

There is also some preliminary evidence that Aloevera extracts may be useful in the treatement of wound and burn healing,minor skin infections,sebaceous cyst,diabetes and elevated blood lipids in human beings.

Aloe vera has not just medicinal benefits,but many general ones too.For starters, it helps you boost your immune system and acts as a natural antioxidant.In times of anti-ageing creams and artificial immunizers,aloe vera is the need of the hour which will keep all your problems with regard to aging and diseases at bay.

In addition,aloe vera can be used for internal problems ranging from arthritis,insomnia,ulcers,infection to hemorrhoids,indigestion,constipation,heartburn and this isn’t an exhaustive list.When used externally,it cures-sprains,burns,bruises,sunburn,cold,sores,scalds,sore muscles,psoriasis,abrasion,eczema,scrapes,acne,stings and much more.

Interestingly,it is also an effective moisturizer and loosens up the skin when it becomes a little too tight to be good, immediately after a shower.This strait of the aloe vera gel helps you look much younger than you actually are,naturally.Aloe vera gel are now widely used in all the skin care products and cosmetic products  as ingredients and also in lift masks,medicated jelly,facial cleansing wash,medicated cream,moisturizers,heat rub and the list is endless.
Not just this,aloe vera juice is said to be one of the finest body cleansers,cleaning morbid matter from the stomach,liver,kidneys,spleen,bladder and is considered the most effective,known colon cleanser.Studies have shown that it is healing and soothing in the relief of indigestion,stomach distress and ulcers.

Some aloe vera tonics have also helped cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation by improving low blood count caused by it,increasing energy and reducing nausea.

Aloe vera has something in it for everybody and for every problem.Besides,it’s a natural.It is indeed,a boon to mankind.

{November 11, 2010}   HOW TO INCULCATE ETHICS IN KIDS ?

by – Sadhana Chaturvedi

Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be fine citizens of the country, of the world. To make sure that this happens, parents mustHOW TO INCULCATE ETHICS IN KIDS take up the responsibility of inculcating ethics in their kids from their early days. To the first child parents, this task seems to be quite daunting , but just learn from the experienced parents.When you think back, it is your parents who taught you how to love, so be assured that you can do the same for your child. There is no definite “method” as such to teach ethics to kids. It should be gradual and by way of example and constant attention to your child.
All religions preach the same moral values, so if you want to initiate your kids to your religion, talk to them about it. Tell them interesting stories from your holy books. Take them along when you go to your place of worship.

Kids learn the most from someone who they look up to, love and who they are around always, YOU. Display good ethics and be just in whatever it is that you do. Teach by way  of example. This is the best way to show your kids how to take the right, moral decisions from a young age. It would be pointless if you tell your child to answer the phone and “Tell whoever it is  I’m not home”  while you’re preaching to them about honesty.

Monitor your child’s activities. Whenever they’re doing something wrong, tell them so. Make it clear to them  that you do not approve of such things. Don’t let them watch cartoons or television programs unsuited for their age. At the same time, reward your child when they do something right. This gives them an incentive to do the right thing always, and it gradually becomes a habit.

Some times, kids really don’t know better and they take to lying. It may be about small inconsequential things or bigger things, and they may even think they are just jokes. Some children are unsure of the difference between lying and telling funny stories. Explain to your child that lying is any tale made up either to impress others or keep from getting into trouble and often creates more problems than just being honest. Help your child to understand that lying is not a good trait and hurts people’s feelings.

If your child continues to lie, help him learn through consequences. Use punishments to coincide with lies. When your child lies to you or others, give him punishments like lessening their favourite activity’s time or for younger children, time-outs.  On the other hand, if your child is honest with you, reward him. Tell him how proud you are that he told you the truth and give him something he enjoys such as time with you, movie night, or even out for ice cream.

Talk to your child about their daily activities, and if they are doing anything wrong, or if they’re confused about what to do, guide them along. Yelling will get you no where, even if your kids are very young. Discuss with them what they’re doing is wrong and why it is wrong and how they can rectify it.

There are many children’s books in the market which teach kids about honesty, sharing and caring through a series of beautiful illustrations and simple words. Encourage your kids to read them, or read them out your self at bed time so that they get a good bed-time story and some good moral values!

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