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Nidarshana Sharma

Balancing between the Motherhood and CareerIt is every woman’s dream to marry and have a beautiful family. She aspires to be a good mother to her children and give them all the happiness in the world and spend time with them.

However, lately there has been a surge in the number of women working and pursuing a serious career. They don’t have time for anything else but their work. Their lives center around their workplace and everything else becomes secondary. Though, women are largely known to be good multi-taskers, they’re unable to.

In such a scenario, how can a woman be a good mother to her children? An increasing percentage of women rely on nannies, governesses and creches to take care of their children. But nothing or nobody can be substitute for a mother. Often, children in such cases, feel neglected and ignored. This affects their esteem and confidence. As a result, they become defensive and aggressive.

Today, a number of husbands are taking the initiative and supporting their busy wives. They don’t mind staying at home and spending time with their children. But there are still a lot of men, who believe the wife must watch over the kids.

A few tips to maintain the right balance between your job and your family

  • Time management is the key. It is very important to maintain a schedule and work according to it.
  • Don’t bring much of your office work home. It can be a spoiler.
  • When at home, spend as much time talking to your children and helping them out with their school work.
  • Make sure the children are engaged in some activity but at the same time also are not hard-pressed for time.
  • Play a lot of games with your family, both indoor and outdoor.
  • You could sometimes take them to your workplace. Some offices do have a separate cabin for children of working women and they can spend time with other children.
  • Hire a maid to do the household chores. This will give you more time with the kids.

In addition, take your children out. Socialize, meet your friends and relatives frequently and keep your children around people often.

More women these days are okay with taking time off work for a few months and taking care of their children. Once the child has settled into the groove, they gradually resume their work. This shift, though a risky one, is now being widely accepted.



{November 11, 2010}   How to handle a toddler?

by – Nidarshana Sharma

Toddlers are the most entertaining lot of children. They are too young to know much and slightly old to be babies. But they sure areHow to handle a toddler very smart kids. They also are the ones who create havoc wherever they go. Scribbling on the walls, pouring juice over your favourite upholstery, they’ll do whatever they wish to.

Most toddlers are not just highly spirited and energetic but also eager to learn. They love listening to any kind of story, whether real or fictitious. Some of them also enjoy talking and sharing their experiences with us. The worst part of having a toddler around is, some toddlers can be very troublesome when they’re upset about something.

As parents, you need to work hard to keep your toddler happy and secure. Give them more attention especially if you’re away the whole day. Let them meet more people of your family, your friends, colleagues etc. A better way of knowing relatives or even your parents is showing them photographs of everyone , especially before their visit.

Be clear and consistent with the rules you’ve set for them . If lunch time is at 12:30, then they must eat everyday in time. You cannot relax that rule so as to watch T.V.If execused for one day they may demand for an extension every day.

Show your love for them .Cuddle them before they go to sleep. Kiss them off to school. Play with them. This way they will feel loved and that will reassure them.

Sometimes, toddlers love doing things on their own. So let them make their own sandwich or let them write on their own. Though it might be messy, the sense of independence and achievement that they will experience is priceless.

Keep their weaknesses in mind. If your toddler is very messy at the table, then it’s advisable not to go to a restaurant. Plan a picnic instead- get in other families and their kids so that your toddler can enjoy their  food, in the true sense.

Understand their feelings. Sometimes, we have to stay at a certain place and toddlers can become impatient. Try reasoning with them. Tell them you don’t want to stay either but that it is important. While you can’t expect them to understand immediately, it’ll help you empathize with your child.

Make sure to reward them  for good behaviour. If you’ve promised your kid that extra scoop of double choco-chip ice-cream for spending less time at the bath tub, then keep your word . If they behave well at a friend’s house or if not  make sure you let them know.

Don’t expect them to support you in your routine every day. From day care and then back home and again to the store in the evening can take a toll on your toddler. It is okay if you make slight alterations in your routine for them.

Make sure to take care of yourself in the process. When you’re toddler is sleeping, go, take a nap or a bubble bath instead of washing the dishes. Only if you’re healthy ,you can take good care of your child.

{November 11, 2010}   Trying to be the perfect parent

By –

Nidarshana Sharma

Isn’t it a great feeling when your children proudly declare, “I have the best mom and dad in the entire world”. It brings to light notTrying to be the perfect parent. just how much they love you, but also how much you have succeeded as a parent. It indicated how much effort you have put in to keep your children happy and how much attention you have paid to their every little whim and fancy.

Being a parent is not an easy task. And being the perfect parent is even tougher. It is not impossible though. It just requires that extra percentage of dedication and commitment from you. After all, our lives would have no meaning if our children weren’t happy.

Is it easy to be the perfect parent? It most certainly is. Being the perfect parent is all about being the perfect guide to your children. Whether it is loving them, feeding them, teaching them or even learning from them, do it perfectly. All of us do want to do everything in our might for our children. But unfortunately, we have too many constraints which bind us. Whether it is time or health, there is always a reason that stops us from continuing our race to be the perfect parent. But that doesn’t make it difficult. It’s just that there are constantly many hurdles which we need cross to get to the end.

Remember, it isn’t enough if you buy your kids expensive gifts or take them out every day or go fishing with them. While these are undoubtedly to be done by all of us, we must make an attempt to get to know our child and making them a lovable and decent person. Not just that, we must try to understand them, talk to them and be their friend. Your child must never feel shy or scared about confiding in you. They must be capable of sharing everything with you because only then will they know that they have you for support. Listen to your child patiently and do not form judgments. You also talk to your him/her about your day at work or your lazy boss or that fat lady crossing the road. This will strengthen the bond that you share which will continually get bigger and stronger.

As a parent, you must recognize your child’s talents and strengths. Always encourage your child. Don’t label. Try not use names like good-for-nothing, ruffian, shabby, stubborn, argumentative etc. This will either make your child more rebellious or push him/her away from you. Instead, try reasoning with him/her and patiently make him/her understand the value of good behavior and morals.

Make your child read books and magazines. Provide him/her with various positive and useful inputs. Buy him/her interesting games which are not only fun but also can sharpen his/her mind. Play games or sports with him/her and try to be as competitive as you can. Monitor your child’s activities and friends circle. Restrict the usage of internet and make sure he/she accesses it only when you are around.

Being the parent is all about showing that you care in the right way. So show your child that he has the perfect mom and dad.

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