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{October 27, 2010}   Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been gaining popularity all over the world in the recent times. It was first discovered by the Chinese and has been used by them as a medicine for the last 3000 years. Its budding reputation can be attributed not only to the invigorating taste but also to the numerous health benefits associated with it.

Green tea has an interesting story behind its breakthrough. It is said that in the year 2737 BC, Emperor Shen Nung was boiling water whilst some green tea leaves fell into the water and the brew gave off a pleasant aroma. The emperor didn’t hesitate to drink it, and thus green tea was revealed.

Green tea is distinctive to any other drink for, it is not fermented. The tea leaves are then steamed right away after harvest, leaving no time for the leaves to oxidize. This domino effect holds more enzymes and nutritional content.

Green tea contains polyphenol, which is an anti-oxidant.

Antioxidants are the substances that destroy the free radicals which damage the compounds that alter the body cells, tamper with DNA, and even grounds for cells demise. The bitter taste of green tea is endorsed by the presence of polyphenols.

In Chinese and Indian traditional medicines, green tea was used for refreshment, diuretic and to improve heart health. It was also used in treatment of flatulence, regulating body temperature and blood sugar, promoting digestion, and civilizing psychological disorders. Green tea also contains alkaloids including caffeine, Theo bromine, and theophylline. These alkaloids are bestowed with stimulant effects.

Green tea also comprises a thermogenic property that speeds up the oxidation of fats. It results in reduction of weight. Another important component present in green tea is the epigallocatechin or the EGCG. The EGCG goes as far as killing cancer cells without damaging the tissues.

Green tea also stretches from a desirable LDL (bad cholesterol) to HDL (good cholesterol) ratio. This means fewer propensities to develop blood clot that leads to deadly heart attacks or strokes.

You might be wondering whether consuming green tea has any side effects, and the answer is no. The only side effect, if it can be called that, of green tea is insomnia due to the caffeine present in it, but its caffeine content is negligible compared to that of coffee.

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a packet of green tea for a healthy life!

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{September 28, 2010}   managing pets

managing pets

managing pets

Holding pets around you is said to have many therapeutic effects. You can relax with your pets at home to take off all the stress of a long day. Your pets are your companions when you’re alone. You can assign responsibility  to  your kids in taking pets with them out to moor or for  a walk.Managing pets isn’t that easy, you need to administer it’s development.Your worthful effort towards pets also enriches your life.

First you have to decide what kind of pet you want to acquire .  Pets counts from dogs to cats and birds to reptiles. Some pets are to laze at home and a few can be taken along with us.Think about the space in your house that you can allocate for pets and then decide the a pet. Also make sure that you or your family members are not allergic to the type of pet you plan to get for returning a pet can be the most heartbreaking thing to do.

Once you make up your mind, visit a pet store, or better yet visit your local pound to adopt a pet. It is always better to adopt at initial vaccines and so on are already administered by the animal welfare officers. When the desired pet is at home, take caution in keeping the dangerous tools in out of reachable to them. You can purchase some pet-proofing materials from the pet store too. If you have a cat or a dog, install a flap on your door to make it easy for them to move about. Dogs don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time, so if you’re always out  for business or work for long hours every day, dogs may not be the best pets for you. They tend to get bored and chew up everything in sight and are not very happy when they are left alone.

You should also look into pet insurance when  you’re buying or adopting a pet. Nowadays companies offer a variety of pet insurance policies so make sure to choose the one that suits you and your pets needs. It’s best to get insurance when your pets are young. Read on the pet grooming techniques. For a pet owner, nothing should be of more concern than the pet’s health. A healthy pet makes for a great companion. But to make sure that your pet is in good condition you must take precautions right from the beginning. Pets are pretty much like human beings and can fall ill at any time. You should be conscientious to notice symptoms of illness of  your pet’s  as they cannot communicate with you. Do not ignore the symptoms since this might lead to dangerous consequences. Visit a vet regularly.

Spend some time everyday with your pet without neglecting it. Inculcate regular habits to your pet to be healthy. Nutritious food is very important for pets too for they are equivalent to man’s life and learn the feeding schedule of pets .When you’re travelling with pets, make sure you take the shortest and that your pet is comfortable. Follow all these tips to manage your pet at a breeze!

{September 28, 2010}   commanding Vs.loving your children

Commanding vs loving

Commanding vs loving

It is natural for all of us to pamper and spoil our children and shower them with affection. Buying them gifts, playing and spending time with them is something which we all await after a long day’s work. Some people take their children out to the park; some others watch TV with them while some others read them stories. Whatever may be the activity, it sure is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.

Some of us are quite lenient with our children. We tend to be flexible with their food, or their sleeping time, while some others are very strict with their kids. It is necessary that we be strict with them, but not always. It is also important to treat them in a tender manner.

Children are usually sensitive and often do not like it when they’re scolded. They start thinking that their parents dislike them as they are too young to understand otherwise. It is very essential that we be patient with them and talk politely, yet sternly. Children must be told of circumstances of misbehaving. For instance, you could make up an interesting story about a boy who refused to eat food on time and what happened of him after that. This is negative motivation, where you’re motivating them to eat by mentioning the harm of not eating food. You could also tell them the advantages of eating a wholesome meal and how much they will benefit out of it. This will ensure that they learn good habits and realize their worth.

Even certain values and morals can be taught to them in a similar manner. Stories are a great way to teach children. Most children also emulate their own parents. They like to behave just like their parents do. So it is very important to control our emotions when around our children. Hitting or scolding your child will not serve any purpose. Your child may behave himself/herself properly, but only out of fear. After a point of time, your child may even become immune and may just get out of control. Patience is a must when dealing with children.

Some children are extraordinarily violent and rebellious. They may become so either due to unnecessary pressure by parents or even others. We must make sure that we don’t become very harsh with our children. Put yourselves in their shoes and look at the world from their eyes. Children learn quickly and remember forever. So you wouldn’t want to be known as an authoritarian who never listens to his/her children or even as a pampering parent.

Today, most of us have very busy lifestyles, with hardly any time to spend with our family. Nevertheless we must spend quality time with our children, in the sense, listen to them, interact with them, and play with them. Most of us think that if we help them in their homework and buy them expensive gifts, our job is done. In reality, a parent’s job is much bigger. It is the most important job in the world.

{September 24, 2010}   Pocket Money

Apart from many things children need to be taught , the value of money as an important aspect. For children are  succesful citizens of the future ,it is essential for them to have the knowledge of money and it’s functionalities.Giving them pocket-money to manage personal needs ,is a good way to inculcate responsibility. As seen from the terms, pocket-money is  given to the children to manage petty expenses. But remember that children are not to  be entertained with pocket money till he attains certain age limit.They should be able to count and know its exchanges.After having gained such knowledge you can focus on allocating pocket money.

Pocket money should be given to children who deserves them.Pocket money should be given after attaining  particular age limit and the quantity of money to be given varies with the age.Think about whether your child has reached the stage to receive the pocket money  .Initially you can start with a lunch allowance per day ,then increase to week and end with a month.They can have lunch at the school cafeteria, or spend on essentialities.

When you’re giving the amount to your child, make it clear for what purpose it should be utilized. Specify what you will buy, and what they are expected to buy with their allocated amount.For example,buying of candy, ice-cream or any other junk food or any gifts to the friends should be met with their pocket money. When they are given money without any directions, they may misuse the money . Also be firm on the point that pocket-money will only be given once in the decided time frame.

You can also encourage them to earn their pocket-money after reaching certain age limit. You can assign them to a weekly chore and pay them for doing that. In this way, your child earns his pocket-money and gets a sense of duty. When you start giving pocket-money, carefully monitor it’s usage, but don’t micro-manage it .This irritates them  and may collapse liberty.He may lose his individuality. Also make sure your child ,not to compare his pocket money with his peers.If they themselves pin point with this regard ,make them understand -the comparision is not good and you are receiving the required money.

As the child grows ,the demand for domestic needs too increases which leads to an increase of pocket-money .Set some firm rules in the initial stage itself. Increase pocket-money for every birthday. You can give additional“bonus” when they do well in academics and sports too. This incentive will make them excel.

Some parents do not encourage their children for pocket-money as it creates a distinction between parents’ money and their own. Some children also tend to use their pocket-money unwisely, but the good outweighs the negative effects which can be remedied easily, so pocket-money can be given to kids and it is the parents responsibility to see that it is used in a constructive way.

lunch box treats

Every parent wishes to pack a healthy lunch-box for their kids.It challenges the parent’s patience for their healthy preparation.Lunch-box should not be at kid’s taste but to the decision of the parents especially ‘the mother’.It is the parents who bring up the children with complete dedication towards them.They include every health eatables in their lunch -box.If it is left to the choice of children,they lack many health growing elements of the body.Proteins,carbohydrates,minerals and vitamins are very essential for growing body.
Sandwiches,the staple lunch-boxes for most of the kids ,but at times becomes nasty box.To replenish it ,variety of dishes can be substituted.First let them learn the benefits of leafy and other vegetables.Include each and every item daily.Take your kids along with you when you go to grocery shopping and ask them to pick out the veggies or meat that they would like to eat in their sandwich.This is to be done only once in a blue moon. This solves the problem of deciding what vegetables your kids may or may not eat, and your kids may not get stuckup to a sandwich made of veggies only.

Make a schedule of different fillings for each day and stick it to your fridge. This helps a lot when you’re very busy. Cream cheese, chopped celery and sultanas, Chopped cooked chicken and mayonnaise, with lettuce, Grated cheese and chopped celery, or carrot, Leftover roast meat with grated carrot, chopped lettuce and chutney or tomato sauce are some ideas of fillings for sandwiches. You can also use cookie cutters to cut the breads into different shapes to make them look and taste good.

You can take assistance from kids in preparation of their lunch box.Or else you can assign them some related work.This makes the kids to have their lunch,to the content for they have aided their mother and also it is an added advantage for the parents.

Jazz up classic peanut butter cookies with butterscotch morsels for a sweet and savory lunchtime dessert.
·    Apricot Streusel Bar :These are a delicious alternatives to boxed cereals and granola bars. You can tuck them in a lunchbox or carry in the car for an on-the-go breakfast. Play around with different nuts and preserves for an endless variety of flavor combinations.
·    Home made Apple sauce:Applesauce is a lunchbox staple. And when you make your own, you can customize the flavor by varying the spices, types of apples, and amount of added sugar.

For variety –

·    roll up meats, cheeses, and veggies into a tortilla or stuff them into a pita pocket.
·    Instead of one sandwich, pack four little sandwiches.
·    Add a small baggie of trail mix, mixing their favorite cereal, nuts, and raisins.
·    Kids love plain boiled pasta with grated cheese as well.
·    Get long skewers. You can take either raw vegetables or sauté them lightly. Take pieces of red or green capsicum, pieces of tofu or meat, tomatoes, steamed carrots and make vegetarian sheesh kebabs. Add zing in your child’s tiffin box.
·    Pack string cheese and rolled meat slices with a honey
mustard dressing for dipping.

Always include a fruit along with the lunch-box . Fruits balances any stuff taken at lunch hour.Also urge your kids to drink plain water instead of soda half an hour after their lunch.

et cetera
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