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by – Nidarshana Sharma

inculcate internet awareness in kidsThe Internet is today’s most widely used medium worldwide.Everyperson has a connection with the Internet.They use it to connect with their closed one’s,for shopping,for sending greetings across the globe.For any job under the sun,all of us depend on the Internet.It has become the most powerful tool for the many.

Taking the Internet’s omnipresence into consideration,it is essential that we also teach our children to use this wonderful device.Albeit the utility of the Internet,it is also the most over exploited medium,which makes it unsafe for use by children,who are very tender and sensitive.A child’s reception is much stronger than that of an adult’s and they are incapable of distinguishing between the right and the wrong stimuli,which can lead to disastrous consequences.Thus, we must be very cautious while exposing our children to stuff on the net.

What needs to be told to them is the vast network that the Internet has created around the world.Thousands of new sites are born everyday which contains vast amount of information.On the contrary,there are also websites which can be of harm to your child, from which they are to be protected.

A large number of encyclopedias have online versions,which consists of interesting facts.Some websites also provide tutorials in math,grammar and other subjects with much fun.The Internet is also chockablock with games and other activities which aid in enhancing your child’s intelligence.These must be introduced to them.At the same time,you must also ensure that your child does not become addicted to them.

The Internet has been a boon to many individuals and families alike.In many home,it has played the role of a teacher or a baby-sitter or even a guide.However,much criticism has been hurled at it.For starters,it has been criticized of making children lazy and lethargic.It has also been accused of exposing the child to abusive content.A virtual world which is more like fantasy has been thrown open to children who quite unmindfully have become a part of it and have slowly been forgetting the real world.

In order to overcome these problems,it is important for the parents to explain both the pros and cons of overusing the Internet,to their child.They must closely monitor their child’s usage of the net and must also keep a tab on the timings.They must allow their child to use the net for not more than an hour everyday,unless it is being used for homework or projects.This supervision must also not be too close, lest the child becomes rebellious or is curious to surf beyond what they can .Teach your child some safety precautions like not interacting with strangers or giving away personal details.

The Internet has created with the aim of making the world one large place and offering first-hand information and insight into various themes from all over the world.It has grown so much more and has become a commercial hub today.But it still continues to be the most helpful instrument to have been known to mankind.


{November 4, 2010}   IMAX,3D Revolution

by Sadhana ChathurvediIMAX Revolution

It’s not premature to tag the 3D culture of current movies as a young revolution, what with the many technological developments that are underway in the animation business. The typical concern as regards to such technology is about the speed with which people can adapt to it. 3D is not primarily about the developers. The audience should feel comfortable in watching it too, as with any other communication model. Since the inception of computer graphics animation, many animated classic movies like Shrek, Monster Inc. , and The Incredible came our way and gave us many memorable moments and life lessons in the movie theatres, thus making families wait for more such movies from giants like Pixar and DreamWorks. And in this way 3D movies became a culture of their own. Studios shouldn’t become over dependant on new technologies and the premium should remain in the content and stories of the movies. Thus as far as they have been adhering to this golden rule, it makes everybody happy.

IMAX is a film format and projection standard created by the Canadian IMAX company. It has the ability to display and record images of a much larger size than most traditional film systems. A standard IMAX screen is 22 x 16.1 m and it’s the same in most places. IMAX theatres are either “Classic Design” or “Multiplex Design” .Classic designs are the structures designed only to house an IMAX theatre and Multiplex designs are structures designed to fit in existing multiplexes.

Of the three types of 3D formats, IMAX is the oldest and most standard. It is mostly famous because of it’s huge screen size. Movies were shot on large 70mm film in order to achieve good quality on these screens until recently. Now there is something specific for IMAX 3D and it is the fact that movies are usually optimized for more pop-out effect than depth. Kids love the pop-out effect but it is more strain for the brain, so you should carefully think about this when you’re watching longer movies. Some other problems in IMAX are the lower contrast in dark scenes and trouble you focusing your eyes quickly enough to follow the whole picture, which in turn may make you miss some important parts. In spite of all this, IMAX 3D is the most effective way to achieve the WOW effect with anyone who’s watching their first 3D film.


{November 4, 2010}   How to plan a stunning Halloween?

by – Sadhana Chathurvedi

HalloweenHalloween has its origins in the Celtic region. It is a pagan festival where people used to dress up as monsters to avoid being possessed by evil spirits which are supposed to be roaming the earth on Halloween. As time passed, it spread to various parts of the world and it is now an excuse to dress up, have some ‘wicked’ parties, and for kids- to eat lots of candy!

Here are some great ideas to make your Halloween memorable!


One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Halloween are the spooky, but fun costumes. A witch, The Wicked Queen, Queen Of Hearts are the most popular naughty costumes. You can also choose nice ones like Dorothy or Snow White or Cinderella. Such popular costumes are easily found in costume stores or on the internet. You can jazz up one of your own dresses to be costumes by using a few props if you don’t want to spend big bucks on something that you will wear only once.


Jack- O- Lanterns are wonderfully unique Halloween decorations, so make sure to get a lot of pumpkins before hand and get carving! You don’t need to stick to the conventional scary face, but you can carve a lot of goofy faces on your pumpkins too! Change your bulbs into black and neon bulbs for Halloween; this gives a wonderfully spooky effect. You can get rubber animals that are available in stores and place them around your house to scare an unsuspecting visitor!

Party Ideas:

You can use all the decorations mentioned above for your party. You can make a great spider web at home by taking enough cotton and stretching it to look like a huge web. Arrange it beneath one of your black bulbs and dangle a few rubber spiders on it. You can take a few dolls, put cheesecloth over them and paint faces or punch holes in their eyes to make your very own ghosts! Arrange them on tables or dangle them from your ceiling. If you’re having a party, instead of putting your jack-o-lanterns in random places you can line them up to form a path for your guests. You can even make your very own haunted house in your basement. Enlist the help of a few friends and unleash your creativity coming up with a spook show!

Trick or Treating:

Most people opt to trick or treat, so why don’t you be different and ‘trick and treat’? Trick and treat your neighbourhood kids by rigging up a scary looking device with candy inside that springs up when someone steps on your porch! You can also make a scary looking pouch to dole out the candy in if you can’t be bothered to make a trick and treating device.

{November 4, 2010}   Halloween plans

by – Sadhana Chaturvedi

It’s that time of the year again. The time when you get a license to scare poor, unsuspecting kids ( Haha! ) or totally carry off that costume/dress you’ve been wanting to wear but was too childish or “not-your-type” Halloween is the one night when, even if you bring out the inner devil in you everyone will love you all the more for it!

Traditionally Halloween costumes have been that of supernatural beings with a scary look. However science fiction characters and pop culture icons are also a huge hit when it comes to ideas for Halloween costumes. This year’s top 10 Halloween costumes that will dazzle everyone around are:-

1) Lady Gaga.
This pop superstar has attracted a  lot of attention this past year, because of sensational style and attitude and playing her is easy, because she has not one, but many looks that you can try to experiment with.
2) Zombies.
Zombies have been around almost forever and are  classic monsters but due to the rise in popularity of comics like Walking Dead, zombies are the monsters to be again!
3) Avatar Na’vi costume.
It didn’t win all the Oscars, but it won loads of attention and eyeballs and this movie is a cultural phenomenon in its own right, so dress up as a Na’vi and watch everyone around you turn blue.
4) Twlight.
Vampires are another classic monsters, but with the Twilight sensation stirring up the world, your Twilight costume will be a sure hit. So take your pick, who’re you going to be, Alice, Rosalie, Esme, Renesmee or Bella?
5) Jersey Shore cast.
Whatever you say about this show, all of us know we’re fascinate by snooki and the rest of the cast’s antics.  So gear up all snooki style!
6) Harry potter.

With the first part of the last instalment of this epic adventure coming out in November, Harry Potter characters will be a rage this Halloween. You can be the intelligent, good-hearted Hermione with the frizzy brown hair or you can go evil by becoming Bellatrix Lestrange or her sister Narcissa for the “witchy’ witch look.

While those are the popular costume ideas for this year, here are many other costumes that you can use- Angel costume, Ballerina costume, catwoman costume, Disco costume, Fairy costume, Geisha costume, Maiden costume, Mermaid costume, Woman pirate, Red riding hood, Strawberry shortcake costume.

Accessories can really make or break the costume, if you want to be distinguished from the crowd for Halloween, and then verify that you are also welcome! Accessories can help to make a costume if you are on a tight budget or create your own costume rather than purchase one ready.
Some of the best accessories include Halloween wigs that are strictly necessary for best Halloween costumes, special Halloween Makeup and fake blood, vampire teeth, witches Broom sticks, hats and cauldrons and face paints, paints with some person, you can create almost any character and it really can change their appearance.

Any costume select this part of the Halloween fun will be making or putting it together and it has loads of accessorizing. Halloween costumes and accessories that are available to buy online, so you should have problems after you’ve thought of some amazing Halloween fancy dress ideas and decide what you would like to be this year.


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