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{November 16, 2010}   The Goodness of Aloe Vera

by – Nidarshana Sharma

Aloe Extract

For over thousands of years,aloe vera has been known as an extremely beneficial plant.It has well acknowledged positive effects on our body as a whole.It can be used in various forms,being extremely versatile.

Aloe vera also known as the true or medicinalaloe ,is a species of succulent or water-retaining plant that according to popular belief,first grew in the Southern half of the Arabian Peninsula,Northern Africa,the Canary Islands and Cape Verde.Aloe vera grows in arid climates and is widely distributed in  Africa,India and other arid areas.It belongs to the lily family and closely resembles the cactus.It contains almost 95% of water and it is rich in more than 70 essential medicinal ingredients including mineral,enzymes,proteins,amino acids,vitamins,vitamin b12,and polysaccharides.

The outer surface of the aloe vera leaf is smooth and rubbery and underneath ,is present,aloe vera gel.The usefulness of this gel can be attributed to its blend of powerful nutrients.There are ,in all,fifteen of them.The gel is a mixture of antibiotic,coagulating agent,cell gr

owth stimulator,astringent,pain inhibitor and scar inhibitor.

There is also some preliminary evidence that Aloevera extracts may be useful in the treatement of wound and burn healing,minor skin infections,sebaceous cyst,diabetes and elevated blood lipids in human beings.

Aloe vera has not just medicinal benefits,but many general ones too.For starters, it helps you boost your immune system and acts as a natural antioxidant.In times of anti-ageing creams and artificial immunizers,aloe vera is the need of the hour which will keep all your problems with regard to aging and diseases at bay.

In addition,aloe vera can be used for internal problems ranging from arthritis,insomnia,ulcers,infection to hemorrhoids,indigestion,constipation,heartburn and this isn’t an exhaustive list.When used externally,it cures-sprains,burns,bruises,sunburn,cold,sores,scalds,sore muscles,psoriasis,abrasion,eczema,scrapes,acne,stings and much more.

Interestingly,it is also an effective moisturizer and loosens up the skin when it becomes a little too tight to be good, immediately after a shower.This strait of the aloe vera gel helps you look much younger than you actually are,naturally.Aloe vera gel are now widely used in all the skin care products and cosmetic products  as ingredients and also in lift masks,medicated jelly,facial cleansing wash,medicated cream,moisturizers,heat rub and the list is endless.
Not just this,aloe vera juice is said to be one of the finest body cleansers,cleaning morbid matter from the stomach,liver,kidneys,spleen,bladder and is considered the most effective,known colon cleanser.Studies have shown that it is healing and soothing in the relief of indigestion,stomach distress and ulcers.

Some aloe vera tonics have also helped cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation by improving low blood count caused by it,increasing energy and reducing nausea.

Aloe vera has something in it for everybody and for every problem.Besides,it’s a natural.It is indeed,a boon to mankind.


{November 1, 2010}   Make-up Removing Tips

By- Nidarshana Sharma

Makeup Removing TipsIt is every woman’s fantasy to be the centre of attention wherever she goes. She wants to appear at her best and make heads turn. Many of us resort to make-up as it is the best way to accentuate your beauty. If you have good eyes, bright and almond-shaped you could concentrate more on eye makeup. Similarly, there are different kinds of makeup for different features of your face.

Regardless of how important makeup is in a woman’s life, it is also essential to know how to remove makeup. There is a myth that makeup can harm your skin which is partly true. Make up can be bad for your skin especially if you don’t remove it on time. Never sleep with your makeup on as it can damage your skin to a large extent.

Makeup largely consists of chemicals which can work their way into your skin and harm it permanently. Thus, removing makeup is necessary. It is important to not only remove your makeup but also remove it correctly and with patience. Don’t ever scrub your skin or rub it hard to remove traces of makeup as it will do more harm than good.

Most women prefer eye makeup the most. Eye makeup is great to change your look into a smoky and seductive one. So removing it is the biggest task of all. It is thus advisable to remove eye makeup first. Remember; don’t remove your makeup with a cleanser. The eye area is very sensitive and is prone to allergies. Use a cleanser which is mild and which has been tested.

Make sure to use a mild makeup remover. Nothing harsh should be used on your skin. Don’t use an eye makeup remover on other parts of the skin. This can lead to a breakout.

Baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara, especially the water-proof ones. Water-proof mascaras can be rigid and stubborn but a little bit of baby shampoo applied on a cotton ball or on your fingers will do the trick. Baby shampoos have lover concentration of chemicals and detergents and hence are much milder when compared to other soaps or shampoos. But use only little of it as it can be harsh on your skin too.  Another alternative is extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is good for the skin in general as it is an anti-oxidant.

It is particularly good for the eye area. You can apply a little on your fingers or a cotton ball and massage gently till the makeup comes off. You can clean further using a mild soap or cleanser.

The rest of the face can be cleaned using baby oil. A majority of cosmetics are oil-soluable so baby oil is very effective in removing blush, concealer, foundation and so on. Just pour some onto a tissue and wipe it all over your face. Rinse off with cool water and mild soap and your face is sans makeup and soft. You can also apply a little moisturiser especially if you have dry skin

{November 1, 2010}   Hair Spray

By – Nidarshana SharmaHair Spray

Over the years our desire to become fashionable has only been expanding and this desire is being appropriately bred by a number of apparel and cosmetic companies. Every year there’s a new company, which introduces a new product and find many takers willing to experiment. While some products fade away or fizzle out, some others continue to remain the most popular products in the market. One such product is hair spray.

Hair spray is a cosmetic product that is sprayed onto the hair to keep it stiff or rigid. This spray can be dispensed either through a pump or a nozzle. It is a very commonly used product among the youngsters as it is simple to use and gives quick result. It is generally used more by boys and men who have shorter hair and can try quick hair styles. Hair spray has been largely accepted in many significant parts of the world.

Hair spray was first conceived and developed in 1948 by Chase Products Company. Since then its user base has been consistently expanding. One of the polymers used is polyvinylpyrrolidine which is also used to glue the layers of wood in plywood together. A non-water soluable polymer called polydimethylsiloxane is added to make the hold last a bit longer (the polyvinylpyrrolidine is water soluble). Pytocalcious chemicals are another family of ingredients in hair spray, which increase the amount of minerals in the hair’s root causing the hair to become stiff.

Some hair sprays use natural polymers and solvents like vegetable gums dissolved in alcohol. One popular ingredient is gum arabic which is made from the sap of certain trees that grow in Sudan. Gum tragacanth is another herbal gum that is used to stiffen calico and crepe, as well as hair.

Japanese scientists have recently found strains of bacteria, Microbacterium hatanonis that have evolved to live in hair spray. Some hair sprays are scented or have color. Bright colors like bubble-gum pink or green are very popular. Such colors bring a lot of attention to one’s hair.

However, there are many safety concerns regarding hair sprays. Hair sprays contain a large amount of polymers and other additives some of which are toxic and some others inflammable. This can pose serious health hazards. Also, your hair might become coarse in the long run and might lose its strength and sheen. Excessive use of hair sprays can result in dull and damaged hair. Your hair needs to be washed thoroughly with a mild shampoo after using a hair spray; otherwise it may become dry and dirty and may also develop dandruff. Also, a large number of hair sprays contain inflammable substances, so the chances of burnt hair cannot be ruled out.

Hair sprays might be a cool option to obtain a funky, grunge look. They might also portray to harmless when used in small quantities. The truth however, is that whatever look you want to achieve, if it takes the help of artificial products, it is bound to be harmful somewhere. Hair sprays are a great styling accessory but limit their use and stick to natural products for healthy hair.

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{November 1, 2010}   Lazer Hair Removal

Lazer Hair RemovalHairless skin means beautiful skin. Women, all around the world, do all in their might to get rid of unwanted hair. Some women are naturally blessed with very little body hair, but some others look monstrous. Body hair on women can be a turn-off and can bust your confidence.

There are numerous methods to remove unwanted hair. Waxing, to electronic epilators, shaving blades to hair- removing creams, women are spoilt for choice. But the most annoying bit is the regrowth of hair. Thus, though your skin looks lovely and smooth after a waxing session, it grows back in all its glory within a month or so. Thus, these solutions are not permanent.

A novel development in the field of cosmetic treatment is laser hair removal. Laser has taken the world by storm and has led to many path-breaking innovations. Laser hair removal is an excellent alternative to all other forms of hair- removal and it is apparently, longer lasting.

Laser hair removal works by passing a beam of light through the skin. The laser targets dark pigment called melanin in the hair. When the beam strikes the hair follicle (where hair growth), the intense heat destroys the hair follicle instantly. A lot of people have this misconception that laser hair removal works only on facial hair, but on the contrary, it can be used on any part of the body, even where you have sensitive skin. Thus, laser hair removal is probably the most effective form of hair removing in recent times.

Some advantages of laser hair removal-

1. It is easy to use and not messy like waxing. The idea is to direct a beam of light on the skin and burn off unwanted hair.
2. It is not as painful as waxing or electrolysis. Users have compared it to a tingling sensation like a small pinch.
3. It takes less time compared to treatments like electrolysis.
4. It has very few side effects, unlike waxing or creams which could lead to rashes on the skin.
5. It is longer lasting than waxing or shaving which have to be done every few weeks.

However, laser is not free from disadvantages-

1. Laser hair removal is an expensive affair.
2. Sometimes, it may require a number of sittings.
3. Some of the claims made my laser hair removing agencies haven’t yet been proved by the scientific community.
4. Laser doesn’t work on people with red, blonde or gray hair. They may require other treatments apart from laser.
5. Laser must be very carefully used on people with darker skin tones or those who tan themselves.
6. It can be a risky process for those who have diabetes or other skin problems.

Though a very useful development, laser is not 100 percent safe. Yet, over the last two decades it has found many takers and has provided successful results. If you’re willing and can afford to spend a bombshell and remove your hair, laser is the perfect option for you.

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{November 1, 2010}   How to deal with thinning hair?

By- Nidarshana Sharma

Thinning of HairHair loss is emotionally devastating for those who suffer from it. It has become very common today, due to increasing levels of health concerns, hormonal changes in the body. It can also be caused by age. As you age, your body undergoes some changes and the result is seen in the form of hair loss, wrinkles etc.

Receding hairlines and a bald patch in the middle of the head can have detrimental effects on one’s self-esteem especially so, when your hair has been your crowning glory since your younger days.

For a person who is suffering from a significant amount of hair loss, here are some options to choose from

1. You can simply accept the fact that you’re losing hair and it is a part of the aging process. Some people just deal with whatever hair they have and accordingly style their hair. This is generally followed more by men than women because women simply cannot accept such hair loss as they fear what the society might think.
2. Some people hide their balding head by adjusting their hairstyles. Growing certain parts of hair and combing them over the bald patch is a common form of camouflage. Men generally follow this method, though it ends up looking comical as time passes. Women adopt a curly hairstyle to add bounce and volume to their hair.
3. Another option is wigs and toupees. A thousand wigs are available in different styles and colors. A lot of women have successfully hidden their thinning hair by wearing custom made wigs which look natural and do not invite any kind of doubt or suspicion. However, for men wigs are not too feasible an option because they’re ill-fitting or funny- looking. In spite of that, a lot of men do risk being ridiculed and stick to wigs.
4. Some people consult beauty experts and go in for treatment. Women can change their diet and go in for some dietary supplements to aid growth of hair.
5. Massage your scalp regularly. Scalp massages will improve blood circulation on the scalp and aid hair growth. It will also help in removing any particles which choke the hair follicles.
6. A good haircut aids to keep hair healthy and makes thinning hair less noticeable, easy to manage, and add volume. Dry haircuts are the best, instantly adding long lasting volume and manageability.
7. If the hair is thin but in good condition, that is to say it hasn’t been over-processed with colorings and bleaching, then a combination of highlights and low lights can thicken the strands and create a fullness effect.
8. While choosing shampoos and conditioners and hair styling products, make sure they address the condition of thinning hair.

Hair loss and thinning of hair are problems affecting a large number of people across the world. Although breakthroughs are being worked upon, there is still time for a concrete solution to arrive. If your hair is falling at an alarming rate, then it’s time you took things in your hand and followed the above mentioned steps.

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