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{November 23, 2010}   Handling Drug Addiction

by – Nidarshana Sharma

In the present scenario,where our lives are ruled by stress and pressure,dependence on certain forces outside has increased.PeopleHandling Drug Addiction have progressively started taking to smoking,alcohol and drugs.While these practices have not been uncommon in the past,they have witnessed a gradual surge in their takers.School going and college students have started reveling in the after-effects of these fantasy yielding vices.Quite unfortunately,most of them are not even aware of the web that they are stuck in and are unable to wiggle themselves free.Rave parties and quiet picnics have become the order of the day.The soaring demand for these pills,power and leaves have sent prices skyrocketting.

The effects of drug addiction can be disturbing-not just for the addict but for others around them.If left unrestricted,the drug is going to win.Drug abuse is a disease of the brain,and the drugs change brain chemistry,which results in a change of behavior.Aside from the obvious behavioral consequences of addiction,the negative effects on a person’s health are potentially devastating.

Drug addiction has strong effects on the family too.The addict pushes them away from their parents,brothers and sisters.This can prove to be very difficult for the family as it is a source of support for anybody.In many cases,the addict is forced out of his home for treatement or due to the danger that they can pose.

The economy and society is also badly affected by drug addiction.The National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that some $67 billion per year is the impact that drug addiction has on this country.

There are many remedies to cure this addiction.Among them the most popular is incarceration.According to Wikipedia,incarceration is the detention of a person in jail,typically as a punishment for a crime.Incarceration serves four essential purposes with regard to criminals:

1. To punish criminals for committing crimes.
2. To isolate criminals to prevent them from committing more crimes.
3. To deter others from committing crimes.
4. To rehabilitate criminals.

However,this particular method has received much flak.According to some psychologists and therapists,when in prison,the likelihood of a person nursing a desire to do drugs is higher.”Drug addiction is not a crime,it is only a sickness of the mind”,they propagate.In this regard,it is essential to treat the victims and not punish them.In addition,incarceration costs 10 times more than treatement and some governments cannot afford it.

A better alternative is rehabilitation and treatement.The sickness must be cured.This can only happen when the addict is helped to get rid of the drug content in their body.A number of successful rehabilitaion centres have successfully brought about a change in many addicts.They use a variety of biological,physical and psychological methods to get their job done.Contrary to popular belief,many addicts have returned to normalcy after stints at rehabilitation centres.

Drug addiction can be a serious problem which can be rooted out if we exercise a little more caution and act responsible and help the government in busting drug-trafficking rackets.Besides,we must ensure that our family members ,especially the youngsters move around with the right people and do not indulge in any kind of drug abuse.


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