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{November 16, 2010}   Snack Dragon: A Charming Taco Shack in the East Village

– by Jessica Verderame, Staff Writer

Snack Dragon is a little hole in the wall on 3rdStreet.  One may think that it is little beyond that, but they would be greatlySnack Dragon mistaken. However, this little hole in the wall happens to make some of the best tacos in New York.

A mix between California authentic and a concern for good ingredients, Snack Dragon is a place where the employees would love to get to know you, and would be happy to let you in on their secret menu, which is mostly created from customer requests.

Though there aren’t more than 8 seats in the entire place, the ambiance of this place is charming. The walls and shelves are stocked to the brim with quirky knick-knacks, including a Furby (and who doesn’t love a Furby?), and other assorted toys you haven’t seen in years. Though their décor is definitely eye-catching, it is the food that keeps people coming back.

Their carne asada and grilled sole tacos are their best. The carne asada is grilled steak, a homemade salsa, cheese, black beans, a squirt of sour cream and cilantro; To make it even better, ask them to add their delicious chipotle coleslaw. Their grilled sole taco is served with chipotle coleslaw, radishes (a way underrated condiment), black beans, cilantro, and cheese.  What sets Snack Dragon’s fish tacos apart from the rest is the fact that these fish tacos are grilled instead of fried, so they are fresh tasting instead of being heavy and greasy.

Their “Freshly Slayed Dragon” tacos are also very good. This one combines slow-cooked pork, beans, cheese, sour cream, cilantro and salsa.

Vegetarians have options here too, including a quinoa pilaf taco and their “Quack-and-Cheese,” which is mac-and-cheese style quinoa.

Though for the most part you cannot go wrong here, one thing I would advise to steer clear from is their chorizo taco. Of course you would order it expecting chorizo, but they actually use sweet Italian sausage instead of the authentic Mexican or Spanish chorizo.

Snack Dragon opens later in the day, but is open late at night, and has a reputation of being one of the best places for your late-night cravings while bar hopping in the East Village.  Go earlier, around 6 or 7, if you want to be able to grab a seat. This place gets very crowded, especially in the summer, but it is so worth it.

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