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{November 11, 2010}   How to boost your kid’s IQ?

How to boost your kid's IQAll of us want our children to be smart and intelligent. We want them to outshine everybody else in all fields possible. It is natural for us to participate in their attempts to better themselves. Though it is said that intelligence is inborn, it can also be acquired through other means.

An excellent measure of intelligence is the Intelligence Quotient or IQ. Most of us have an IQ of just about 100 which is considered average intelligence. An IQ of over 150 indicates an extraordinary level of intelligence. If your child’s IQ is built at a tender age, he/she can grow up to be a highly intelligent individual. We all have multiple intelligences. This will explain why some of us are so logically gifted and some of us are so poetic. Only a very few people on this planet have high multiple intelligences.

Intelligence can be gained or obtained by sharpening the mind. A good memory or impressive problem-solving skills are indicators of intelligence.

How can you improve your child’s IQ?

1. Make your child play games like chess. Chess is all about strategizing and outwitting your opponent. It involves some serious thinking, reasoning and analysis. A game of chess will surely improve your child’s logical and analytical skills. Moreover, every game of chess is different. This will help your child to perceive the problem in different ways and formulate different approaches to the same problem.
2. Puzzles and quizzes are also great ways to sharpen your child’s mind. Memory games will enhance your child’s memory. On the whole, games that require your child to think will improve your child’s mental skills far more than simple skill games, which focus more on hand to eye coordination.
3. Your child requires a minimum of eight hours of sleep every day. After a day of mind games and studies, it is imperative for your child to sleep so that he retains everything he has learnt in his mind. Lack of sleep will weaken one’s power to recall.
4. Speak to your child about anything and everything. This will improve his language skills and his general knowledge.
5. Ensure that your child reads some concept books. Books which contain information on basic kindergarten stuff or books for slightly older children which bring out interesting and fun facts or even simple puzzle books are great for building up your child’s brain.
6. Include simple math in your conversations. Stuff like dinner will be ready in 10 minutes, so what time should you be at the dining table, or, you have four cookies now and I’m going to give you three more, will get your kid thinking.
7. Let your child solve his problems. If he is getting late for school every day, let him work out a solution.
8. Encourage your child to paint and do other arty things. Always keep some craft material ready. You will enjoy your child’s lovely creation of art.

Let your child be and engage him in fun activities. It is important for him to play too. Playing or outdoor activity will also contribute to his mental growth.

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