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{November 9, 2010}   Yoga



Obesity, cholesterol, diabetes and all other kinds of lifestyle diseases have become the order of the day. Youngsters also are not spared from the onset of these diseases. Unhealthy food, irregular sleeping habits and increasing party culture have contributed to many people complaining of a plethora of health and lifestyle problems.

The medical fraternity all over the world has never been busier with patients from all age groups approaching them for different kinds of treatment.

While allopathy is undoubtedly a definite cure for these lifestyle diseases, what is more crucial is preventing them from attacking us. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So if one can prevent any health problems, then there is nothing better.

Simple things like eating the right food, at the right time and in the right quantities, count. But there must be something in addition to that. Physical activity can have no substitute. It is of utmost importance. There a variety of activities to choose from as per one’s convenience. But an excellent option is yoga.

Yoga is a form of exercise, which consists of physical activity combined with regulated breathing. It has been practiced for centuries in many countries, but is slowly catching up in the West. Yoga is known to not only help in controlling one’s weight but also in providing various health benefits. It improves blood circulation, soothes the mind and tones the body. In many cases, yoga also aids digestion of food and cures indigestion and acidity. Different asanas can be practiced for to address different problems in the body.

There is nothing more relaxing than an hour’s session of yoga. It is advisable to practice yoga in the morning when the mind is fresh and the environment is clean and pure.
Over the past few years, there has been a sudden surge in the number of people swearing by yoga. Many certified yoga professionals have also come out into the open. Yoga is being popularized by all those who have benefited out of it.

One very useful exercise which is a part of yoga is the Surya Namaskar. Primarily meant to worship the sun for its warmth and light, it is an excellent way to keep your body in shape. Many people propagate that Surya Namaskar done every day should suffice in keeping all your health problems at bay. Not just that it very effectively tackles weight issues too. Surya Namaskar forms an integral part of yoga. With asanas meant for every part of the body, it must be done multiple number of times. Some people do it as many as 108 times in a day.

Another branch of yoga which has helped many individuals in losing oodles of weight and obtaining a fit body is power yoga. The same asanas are practiced here, but much faster and a number of times without a break. Speed and repetition are two major components of power yoga. Power yoga is the perfect solution for all those who are overweight because it gives 100 percent results.

Yoga is a great form of physical activity and makes your body perfectly toned and highly flexible. Not just that, it sharpens the mind and keeps you fresh and active the entire day. To practice yoga means to stay healthy and happy for a long time to come.


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