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{November 9, 2010}   Eye Care

by – Sadhana Chaturvedi


Eye Care

Eye Care


Eyes are the windows to the world. Most people take this for granted and neglect vision. Often, we only think about this marvelous gift of sight only when we think of blind people or when we experience some problems with out vision. However, even if you do have short or long sight, it’s not too late. There is still a lot to be done to take care of our eyes.

Now many people depend on a computer to get their work done. Some people have to spend as much as 8-9 hours a day on the computer. If proper care is not taken, this leads to disastrous effects. Watching t.v. continuously for hours, reading in low light conditions, not wearing spectacles even when you are prescribed by a doctor are some of the other things that most people do which result in damage to the eyes.

Don’t work for a long period without breaks. Take frequent small breaks and stretch your self. Look at distant objects either in your office or outside. Looking at a distant object and then returning to your task helps your eyes focus better. Try taking such breaks for about five to 10 minutes every hour.  During breaks, here is a small and easy exercise: “First, blink your eyes several times. While you keep your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs both clockwise and anticlockwise and take a deep breath. Gradually open your eyes while releasing your breath. This exercise lasts for a minute and you can repeat it three times before getting back to work.” It serves as a good workout for the eyes.

Drink plenty of water. It helps reduce puffiness. When a person is dehydrated,  the body starts storing water as a defence mechanism. This makes your  eyes puffy.  Placing refrigerated tea bags on the eyes not only helps reduce this puffiness but also soothes tired eyes.

While using a computer, people tend to reduce the number of times they blink.This can lead to dry eyes. Try to blink 12 to 15 times every minute. Fix an anti glare screen on to your monitor or use anti glare glass while working on computers. Also position the monitor and lights in such a manner that glare from the screen is minimum. Rub your palms against each other till them become warm. Cover your eyes with your warm palms for about a minute. Palming is another great way to relax and soothe your eyes.

Use sunglasses while you are out in the sun.Some sunglasses use only tinted lenses which just reduce the glare but don’t offer any protection.  Make sure to use sunglasses that offer 100% U.V. Protection.

Contacts are a great tool, but they come with responsibility. If you use contact lenses and you don’t take proper care, this leads to further problems. Make sure to ask your doctor for the necessary precautions and care you should take while using contact lenses.

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