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{November 4, 2010}   Shopping Tips

by- Nidarshana Sharma

shopping tipsShopping is a woman’s best friend. Some women are spendthrifts and love spending on shopping; some others shop when they’re happy and some others when they’re depressed. Surprisingly, many women consider shopping the perfect stress buster. The reasons may be plenty, but shopping is an integral part of a woman’s life.

Window shopping is also a fun activity which many women indulge in. It’s not just the women, but men too have joined the party. Window shopping is a great way to kill time and have fun especially when you’re in a group.

We shop for various items. But women largely expend on apparel and shoes. There are women who boast of large collections of shoes, which sometimes touch 100 pairs. Then again, there are clothes. Jeans, capris, T’s, jackets, blouses, and scarves- women are crazy about them.

Brands are an important factor which women bear in mind while shopping. Some women are very particular about the brand they patronize and regularly purchase only that brand, and others experiment and keep switching brands. Generally, women are not known to be brand freaks and buy good quality stuff irrespective of the brand. But when it comes to shoes and some other accessories like sunglasses or bags, some women are very choosy and stick to only some brands, some of which are designers.

Since women shop quite regularly, it becomes important to keep a few tips in mind to shop better and spend effectively and on the right product.

1. Arrive early and get a good parking spot. If parking is a problem, take a cab or the bus/train.
2. Do not carry too many items with you already. Your shopping baggage is in itself a lot to carry.
3. Make sure to carry sufficient cash with you but do not overspend.
4. Before you leave, eat well because shopping can be quite tiresome. You can also pick up something on the way.
5. Wear a button dress so that it’ll be convenient for you to change.
6. Make a list of items that you need especially if you’re going grocery shopping.
7. Most stores start their weekend sales on Thursday or Friday morning. If you wish to avoid the maddening weekend rush, you could go on these days instead.
8. Don’t stick to just one store. Always try out a few options before zeroing in on one.
9. If you’re purchasing clothes, make sure they fit you well and are not too loose or tight. While buying denims, pay particular attention to the fitting.
10. Before purchasing, check the condition of the clothes.
11. If you’re buying shoes, buy them in the late afternoon. Walk around in your shoes and only if you feel comfortable buy them.
12. If you’re buying cosmetics, ensure that they have no side effects. If it’s a lipstick that you’re purchasing, pick a color you like and try it out first.
13. While purchasing a bag, choose a color which is neutral and looks good with all kinds of clothes. Buy a fancy one if you need to use it for outings, ditto with jewelry.

Always remember, whatever we buy, we spend our hard-earned money, so spend it wisely.


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