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{November 4, 2010}   IMAX,3D Revolution

by Sadhana ChathurvediIMAX Revolution

It’s not premature to tag the 3D culture of current movies as a young revolution, what with the many technological developments that are underway in the animation business. The typical concern as regards to such technology is about the speed with which people can adapt to it. 3D is not primarily about the developers. The audience should feel comfortable in watching it too, as with any other communication model. Since the inception of computer graphics animation, many animated classic movies like Shrek, Monster Inc. , and The Incredible came our way and gave us many memorable moments and life lessons in the movie theatres, thus making families wait for more such movies from giants like Pixar and DreamWorks. And in this way 3D movies became a culture of their own. Studios shouldn’t become over dependant on new technologies and the premium should remain in the content and stories of the movies. Thus as far as they have been adhering to this golden rule, it makes everybody happy.

IMAX is a film format and projection standard created by the Canadian IMAX company. It has the ability to display and record images of a much larger size than most traditional film systems. A standard IMAX screen is 22 x 16.1 m and it’s the same in most places. IMAX theatres are either “Classic Design” or “Multiplex Design” .Classic designs are the structures designed only to house an IMAX theatre and Multiplex designs are structures designed to fit in existing multiplexes.

Of the three types of 3D formats, IMAX is the oldest and most standard. It is mostly famous because of it’s huge screen size. Movies were shot on large 70mm film in order to achieve good quality on these screens until recently. Now there is something specific for IMAX 3D and it is the fact that movies are usually optimized for more pop-out effect than depth. Kids love the pop-out effect but it is more strain for the brain, so you should carefully think about this when you’re watching longer movies. Some other problems in IMAX are the lower contrast in dark scenes and trouble you focusing your eyes quickly enough to follow the whole picture, which in turn may make you miss some important parts. In spite of all this, IMAX 3D is the most effective way to achieve the WOW effect with anyone who’s watching their first 3D film.



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