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{November 4, 2010}   How to plan a stunning Halloween?

by – Sadhana Chathurvedi

HalloweenHalloween has its origins in the Celtic region. It is a pagan festival where people used to dress up as monsters to avoid being possessed by evil spirits which are supposed to be roaming the earth on Halloween. As time passed, it spread to various parts of the world and it is now an excuse to dress up, have some ‘wicked’ parties, and for kids- to eat lots of candy!

Here are some great ideas to make your Halloween memorable!


One of the first things that comes to mind when you think of Halloween are the spooky, but fun costumes. A witch, The Wicked Queen, Queen Of Hearts are the most popular naughty costumes. You can also choose nice ones like Dorothy or Snow White or Cinderella. Such popular costumes are easily found in costume stores or on the internet. You can jazz up one of your own dresses to be costumes by using a few props if you don’t want to spend big bucks on something that you will wear only once.


Jack- O- Lanterns are wonderfully unique Halloween decorations, so make sure to get a lot of pumpkins before hand and get carving! You don’t need to stick to the conventional scary face, but you can carve a lot of goofy faces on your pumpkins too! Change your bulbs into black and neon bulbs for Halloween; this gives a wonderfully spooky effect. You can get rubber animals that are available in stores and place them around your house to scare an unsuspecting visitor!

Party Ideas:

You can use all the decorations mentioned above for your party. You can make a great spider web at home by taking enough cotton and stretching it to look like a huge web. Arrange it beneath one of your black bulbs and dangle a few rubber spiders on it. You can take a few dolls, put cheesecloth over them and paint faces or punch holes in their eyes to make your very own ghosts! Arrange them on tables or dangle them from your ceiling. If you’re having a party, instead of putting your jack-o-lanterns in random places you can line them up to form a path for your guests. You can even make your very own haunted house in your basement. Enlist the help of a few friends and unleash your creativity coming up with a spook show!

Trick or Treating:

Most people opt to trick or treat, so why don’t you be different and ‘trick and treat’? Trick and treat your neighbourhood kids by rigging up a scary looking device with candy inside that springs up when someone steps on your porch! You can also make a scary looking pouch to dole out the candy in if you can’t be bothered to make a trick and treating device.


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