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{November 4, 2010}   How to have a perfect sleepover?

-By Sadhana Chathurvedi

Want to have a great time with your friends with some gossip, games and fun and frolic? A sleepover party would be the best way to do this! So go ahead, get set, and follow these tips to host the perfect sleepover party which your friends won’t be able to forget any time soon!

Make sure to invite a few people. Sleepovers with a large number of people don’t turn out to be very enjoyable. And also make sure to invite people who get along. Inviting two friends, who don’t like each other over for a sleepover, only makes it uncomfortable for the other guests.

Make custom invitations for your guests. Use coloured paper and clip art and make decorative invitations or if you’re good with computers, make invitations with cool graphics and e-mail it to them. Some online companies sell present sleepover invites. Make use of them if you don’t have the time or inclination to make the invitations yourself. Line up lots of fun activities to do at your party. This can be anything from games as simple as charades or truth or dare to makeovers or fashion shows!

Some fun activities you can try:

  • Dig out the flashlights and scare yourselves out with a scary story! Make sure all the lights are turned off and your goal should be to make everyone scream!
  • Make a dessert bar! Serve your guests ice cream and get toppings like whipped cream, chocolate chips, hot fudge, marshmallows and cherries.
  • Give yourselves makeovers or makeunders and take lots of crazy pictures!
  • Try singing up a storm! Have a karaoke session. The sillier the songs the crazier the fun you have!
  1. Most people try to stay up all night during sleepovers. Make sure this is okay with your parents and try to have the sleepover where you won’t disturb the other members of your household.
  2. Have lots of food around. Midnight snacks are a special part of sleepovers! Try to stack up on the usual junk food like ‘shores and candy bars or if you have want to have healthy food pretzels and popcorn. Take care of special dietary needs of your guests, if any.
  3. Choose music that everyone will like. Or better yet, ask everyone to bring a mix tape of their favourite music. This way you can ensure that everyone will be happy!
  4. Throw a themed sleepover party! Theme parties are always fun and you can have theme specific activities games and music.
  5. Keep your camera ready and take lots of pictures. You can make small scrapbooks for everyone towards the end of the night with the pictures you took. Scrapbooks are a good way to pass the time and also it can your special gift to your friends.
  6. Have extra sleeping bags, pillows and blankets ready. Some people choose to get their own stuff, but you should have them in for those who forget.

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