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{November 4, 2010}   Balancing between your family and spouse

-BY Nidarshana Sharma

The tensions surrounding work are many. Pleasing the boss, being on time, finishing pending work, competing with colleagues. In addition, when you go back home, chances are high that your family complains of you not spending enough time with them. You’re labeled as an inconsiderate person who doesn’t care about the family. This accusation gets slightly intense when you are a woman.

Balancing between career and family is itself, a big task. On top of that it is also vital to be spending an equal amount of time with the family and your spouse. The essence of marriage is keeping the spirit of love alive and kicking. And that can be done only by spending good time with your spouse.

Reserve certain days of the week for your family. Weekends are meant for the family. Do not entertain any other engagements that day. That way you can spend unadulterated, quality time with your family. Take them out. Go on a holiday with them. Or just stay indoors and watch a movie with your kids. The idea is to be with them and make them feel loved and wanted.

The problem is that women are expected to take care of their kids’ wants and also keep their in-laws happy. They buy gifts for the children, plan outings, birthday parties. So in many ways, they are closer to the family. The problem arises when women choose to take their careers very seriously. The father is anyway, away working and when the mother also doesn’t stay at home, the kids start feeling neglected. To overcome this problem, try working from home. Go pick the kids up from school. You could enroll them in classes so that you get some time for yourself. Make sure you and your spouse, jointly show interest in your children’s lives. Talk to them, interact with them and try to find out about what’s happening in their lives. Try not to get too much of your work home because that can really turn your family off.

Make sure to spend time for yourself. Read books and listen to music, go for a walk. These activities relax your mind.

Spending time with your spouse is also an important aspect of marriage. Take out time for each other. Meet for lunch or go shopping together. Make sure to be back home for dinner and have dinner with your family. Go for a date together or take off on a short holiday. A nice, long road trip with interesting tit-bits to catch up on will surely make for an interesting outing. It is essential to keep the romance from fading. Many relationships fail because the couple is unable to stop themselves drifting apart from each other. In the process, their lives become independent of each other. So always keep in mind to do those little things for your family and your spouse which shows that you care for them and will always love them and care for them.


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