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{November 1, 2010}   Who Will be the Next Lindsay?

By Rachel Allen
1 Oct 2010

– by Rachel Allen, Staff Writer


Who Will be the Next Lindsay?

After failing what could be the most career-defining drug test in Hollywood history, Lindsay is back in rehab for a fifth attempt at rectifying her drug and alcohol addictions. While the tabloids await her trial, set for the end of October, it’s hard not to speculate on the seeming finality of this most recent failure. After unfavorable reviews for her most recent film “Machete,” and the prospect of going back to jail, Lindsay’s career might truly be over. Though she will probably never disappear (there will always be those rooting for her comeback), her career could very well be relegated to TV shows, or even TV movies.


The specifics of her future are hazy, but the star power she proved early on is undoubtedly extinguished. If anything, more than a career recovery, the public is simply rooting for her to have a legitimate recovery and stay clean.

So what does this mean for the industry that has invested so much time in Lohan? Not much, really. While her comic wit will surely be missed, there is no shortage of young Hollywood starlets eagerly waiting to take her place. A few in particular have been noted as potential Lohan heiresses – some because of their bourgeoning talent, and some because of their not-so-subtle rebellion. Here are the top contenders for the Lohan crown:

1.  Miley Cyrus – Clearly the frontrunner, Cyrus has taken every chance she’s gotten to distance herself from her quirky Disney-TV show beginnings. As “Hannah Montana,” she was idolized by the 8-13 age range, but quickly Cyrus grew tired of sharing her fame with the character, and broke out on her own as both a musician and actress. Her music has caused a bit of worry, morphing from pop power ballads into autotuned messes, aided by trashy clothing and pantslessness. On the acting side, her most recent film, “The Last Song,” received a bit of praise, but the proof of her potential film stardom is in the numbers: the film grossed over $88 million in less than two months.

2.  Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez – These two best friends are almost the same person in most peoples’ minds. Similar Disney careers, pop albums, and dating Jonas brothers, these girls haven’t made the leap out of Disney’s grasp just yet. Yet they both have good comedic timing and mass appeal. The only question is: will they go down the partying, Vanessa Hudgens naked-photo scandal route, or actually attempt to become something serious; to become more than cute, stock Disney characters.

3.  Taylor Momsen – Little Jenny Humphrey from “Gossip Girl” is the actress who has most progressed down the spiraling Lindsay road to destruction, completely without inhibition. Lead vocalist for a grungy band and wearing clothes from stripper stores has done nothing to help the 17-year old’s anarchistic tendencies. If she hasn’t entered into the world of drunken parties or drugs, it’s hard to believe that she won’t start soon.  She was so innocent on the show at first, and quite good actually, so it’s sad that both her character and public image have degenerated. As most people who watch the show actively hate her character and public persona now, she didn’t even have the time to shine like Lindsay did before people started getting tired of her.

4.  Dakota Fanning – Playing Cherie Currie to Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett in “The Runaways” was the first indication that Fanning is trying to grow up. Now 16, Fanning has had the career that most parallels Lohan’s. From a successful child acting career to becoming a tween idol (she is in “Twilight,” after all), to acting in serious, dark films (“Hounddog,” anyone?), Fanning has all the makings of true stardom. And luckily, all reports and interviews prove her to be a very down to earth and grounded kid – one who can hopefully avoid getting sucked into the world of tabloids and scandals. If so, Fanning could own the career that everyone was hoping Lohan would have so badly.

Linsay Lohan may well be the most important tabloid celebrity in this generation, but it is time for her to bow out as gracefully as she can, get her addictions under control, and let the new generation of starlets take over.

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