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{November 1, 2010}   Make-up Removing Tips

By- Nidarshana Sharma

Makeup Removing TipsIt is every woman’s fantasy to be the centre of attention wherever she goes. She wants to appear at her best and make heads turn. Many of us resort to make-up as it is the best way to accentuate your beauty. If you have good eyes, bright and almond-shaped you could concentrate more on eye makeup. Similarly, there are different kinds of makeup for different features of your face.

Regardless of how important makeup is in a woman’s life, it is also essential to know how to remove makeup. There is a myth that makeup can harm your skin which is partly true. Make up can be bad for your skin especially if you don’t remove it on time. Never sleep with your makeup on as it can damage your skin to a large extent.

Makeup largely consists of chemicals which can work their way into your skin and harm it permanently. Thus, removing makeup is necessary. It is important to not only remove your makeup but also remove it correctly and with patience. Don’t ever scrub your skin or rub it hard to remove traces of makeup as it will do more harm than good.

Most women prefer eye makeup the most. Eye makeup is great to change your look into a smoky and seductive one. So removing it is the biggest task of all. It is thus advisable to remove eye makeup first. Remember; don’t remove your makeup with a cleanser. The eye area is very sensitive and is prone to allergies. Use a cleanser which is mild and which has been tested.

Make sure to use a mild makeup remover. Nothing harsh should be used on your skin. Don’t use an eye makeup remover on other parts of the skin. This can lead to a breakout.

Baby shampoo is an excellent way to remove mascara, especially the water-proof ones. Water-proof mascaras can be rigid and stubborn but a little bit of baby shampoo applied on a cotton ball or on your fingers will do the trick. Baby shampoos have lover concentration of chemicals and detergents and hence are much milder when compared to other soaps or shampoos. But use only little of it as it can be harsh on your skin too.  Another alternative is extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is good for the skin in general as it is an anti-oxidant.

It is particularly good for the eye area. You can apply a little on your fingers or a cotton ball and massage gently till the makeup comes off. You can clean further using a mild soap or cleanser.

The rest of the face can be cleaned using baby oil. A majority of cosmetics are oil-soluable so baby oil is very effective in removing blush, concealer, foundation and so on. Just pour some onto a tissue and wipe it all over your face. Rinse off with cool water and mild soap and your face is sans makeup and soft. You can also apply a little moisturiser especially if you have dry skin


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