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{November 1, 2010}   How to avoid a bloating tummy?

Nidarshana SharmaHow to avoid a bloating tummy?

All of us desire a great body. We want to stay in good shape and want others to envy us. A good body can be a confidence booster but it is not very easy to achieve. A lot of hard work and determination goes behind it. Most of us do the regular bit of jogging or walking. But many a time, we tend to ignore certain parts of our body. Also, the kind of food we eat, especially in the case of those who lead a too-busy-to-eat lifestyle has a bearing on our body.

If one has a sedentary lifestyle, the food that he/she eats, especially if it is unhealthy accumulates in the thighs and stomach region. A lot many middle-aged professionals face the problem of a pot-belly. Fattening food, in addition to an inactive lifestyle manifests itself in the form of a boulder-sized tummy which can be quite embarrassing.

Once developed, a tummy can be very difficult to get rid of. So what is advisable is avoiding one. Here are a few tips to avoid a bloating tummy

1. Eat healthy food, especially if you’re above 25 years of age. As you grow older the body finds it tougher to burn fat.
2. More importantly, eat food on time. Set a particular time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stick to it.
3. Eat a balanced diet. Include everything in your diet. Do not indulge in binge eating. Have many small meals during the day. Do not eat large quantities of food.
4. Eat less of food which is rich in carbohydrates. It settles down in the waistline and is very difficult to shed.
5. For those who drink regularly, do so in moderate quantities and in longer intervals. Alcohol is a major reason behind a paunch.
6. Exercise is a must. Regular exercise keeps one fit and active.
7. Keep changing your exercise routine every few weeks lest your body gets accustomed to it.
8. For a fat tummy, regular abs exercises must be done. There are many different kinds of crunches which are effective in burning tummy fat. In addition, exercises like cycling and swimming are also very useful.
9. Alternative exercises like yoga can also be tried. Yoga is not only an excellent means to knock off that excess fat but also to beat stress.
10. Gym is a popular medium. A lot of people go to the gym every day and work out seriously. It is really useful, provided if done regularly and coupled with a balanced healthy diet.

These tips are not exhaustive. Each one of us has a different body type. Some of don’t gain weight regardless of how much we eat, while some others put on quite easily. Whatever our body type, an important point to be noted is that when we eat healthy and on time and also exercise regularly, our body remains fit and free from all kinds of health complications.


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