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{November 1, 2010}   Diamonds are forever

By – Nidarshana Sharma

Diamonds are foreverDiamonds are forever, they say. Indeed, diamonds are the most beautiful, precious stones that one can adorn. Apart from being available in jewelry, diamond studded dresses, shoes, bags, watches and even sunglasses also make a style statement. Diamonds in any form reflect one’s flamboyant personality and wealth.

Diamond jewelry has always been flaunted by the rich and the famous. Whether it is heavy diamond earrings or exquisite chains, diamonds have always been a part of their wardrobe. Moreover, diamonds are considered important stones for weddings. Thus, people attach a lot of auspiciousness to diamonds.

When you are purchasing diamonds, it is important to know some principles for judging their authenticity and purity. These basics are the four Cs related to diamonds- clarity, cut, carat and color.

Clarity determines the purity of the stone. Any splits, chips, dark flecks or feathering on the stone means that it is not pure, so do not buy it. The cut shows off the diamond’s brilliance which is not determined by its weight but by giving considerations to the diamond’s aspects. Diamonds are also certified, with the highest grade being F, which stands for flawless.

Carat weight is used for the weight of the diamond. In relation to color, diamonds come in yellow, white or brown. Clear stones set in diamond jewelry are usually the most expensive of all.

While selecting a diamond chain, you must make sure of its quality. That is the first aspect that you must watch. Once you are assured of the quality and the purity, the next step is deciding on how much diamond do you want on your chain- do you want a heavy chain or one with a small pendant. This depends on the occasion you are buying it for. If you are shopping for your wedding, then go in for an exquisite piece with many diamonds set on your chain. If it is a casual purchase or a gift for someone, you may buy something less eye-catchy.

When you buy a chain, you must also check whether it goes well with your skin tone. If you are white-skinned you may go in for a combination of silver and diamond. If you’re slightly olive-skinned or dark, gold and diamond will look good. Also keep in mind the kind of dress you are going to be wearing on that particular day. If your dress is sober and simple then a big chain will be the best way to accessorize. The thing about a simple chain is, it can be worn for different occasions.

If you have a long neck try to buy a heavy chain as it will cover the length. If you don’t have much of a neck, opt for a simple chain with a pendant as this will make your neck look longer and slimmer.

Buying anything made out of diamond is a big investment. So choose your jewelry with utmost care and caution and then buy it. You must be satisfied with your purchase, because diamonds are all about bringing out the beauty within you

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