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{November 1, 2010}   Common Make-up Mistakes


Sadhana Chaturvedi

Common Make-up Mistakes

Everyone wants to look good and use make-up, but many of us, make some common mistakes that can be rectified in an instant. Read on to find out about some common mistakes.


Foundation fiascos:

Avoid using a cake based foundation. It can be too heavy for your skin. It is true that such cake based foundations cover well and hide skin imperfections but sometimes, especially if you are wearing a wrong shade, they may expose your too much made-up into a wearing of mask. Foundations should match the skin tone of your body , but sometimes, it so happens that women choose double shaded foundations that are darker than their natural color and this gives rise to a face that is unnatural and sometimes comic too. This should be avoided.

Eyeliner Mishap:

Droopy dog eyes are not a fabulous look. Wearing eyeliner just on the bottom lashes causes the eye to look droopy. It is okay to wear eyeliner on the bottom lashes, but only if the top lashes are lined as well. To get the most sophisticated results, take time and care to apply it both to the top and bottom of your eye.

Blending Blunders:

You should avoid putting make up on in such a way that it leaves lines.  One way to do this is to blend, blend, and blend. Make sure you blend your foundation down your neck so you do not have lines around your face. Your eyeshadow and even eye liner should look more blended and natural. Lipliner should always be blended into the lips as well.

White Raccoon Eyes:

Dark circles are hard to conceal. Many of us use a lighter shade and rub it under the eyes which gives rise to  white patches under the eyes. You have to blend properly and choose the right shade of concealer too, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a raccoon.

Emphasizing everything:

One basic rule of make-up is that there should be only thing that should be highlighted.  If you’re going to bring out your lips, keep your eye make-up simple. If you’re going to apply heavy eye shadow, use nothing but transparent lip gloss. Trying to highlight both will leave you with nothing highlighted, so keep it to only one thing.

Removal of makeup:

Something that many people do is to go to sleep with their makeup still on. This will lead to clogging of the pores and other skin problems. Spare a few minutes before you go to bed to avoid all this.


People who have a lot of experience don’t need to be told that it requires a LOT of maintenance.. You can’t just put it on in the morning and expect it to stay perfect all day. Be sure to check your self every hour any time you put on make up,  but don’t overdo it as you don’t want to seem vain.

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