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{October 27, 2010}   Tips on finding your Mr. Right

It is every girl’s dream to find her Mr. Right. We all have varied descriptions of our Mr. Right. Some want a handsome hunk, while some others a die-hard romantic. Some girls want a rich man who can buy them expensive, exquisite gifts. Whatever our description, at the end of the day we all want a man who loves us.

While it is very fascinating to have the perfect man in our lives, is it really true that there is someone like Mr. Right? A survey conducted a few years ago, brought out an interesting conclusion. According to it, all of us are highly compatible with hundreds of people across the globe. So there is no such thing as one soul mate or Mr. Right. But Mr. Right is that one person whom we meet at the right moment and at the right place and sparks fly.

Technically, it’s not really very helpful if you go looking around for your Mr. Right. Many of us get into relationships every now and then imagining that we have found the right person. Thus, most of us keep facing wretched heartbreaks. It takes time to find that person who is the most powerful force in your life.

If you’ve never had a very serious relationship and now wish to settle down with your Mr. Right, you can start scanning people here and there. Don’t show too much desperation as it can be a turn off.

It is very important to know what kind of a man you want in terms of his personality, traits, qualifications etc. Marrying Mr. Handsome might seem dream-like but the truth is we need to learn to look through a person’s physical appearance into their inner beauty. So, for all you know, your friendly next-door neighbor might be your Mr. Right, if you decide to make his physical appearance secondary. Look for a man who is compatible with you and can get along well with you, with the kind of qualities and traits you possess as an individual. Relationships are all about understanding, trust and respect and they are, to a large extent influenced by compatibility. So, try finding someone whose personality matches yours to a certain extent. For instance, if you are a very aggressive person, then try looking for someone who is unlike you, probably someone with a placid disposition.

Another important thing is being honest and open. If you think you’ve found the right man, do not pretend to be someone you’re not, as this can have some serious implications. How long do you think a relationship formed on false promises can stand? Be yourself. If he really likes you and thinks that both of you are made for each other, then he will certainly accept you.

Always remember to not get carried away by someone’s words. There are a lot of men out there who take the whole dating game as a joke and use their words and gimmicks to their advantage. Try to be level-headed and don’t get too emotionally attached to someone in the beginning. Give it some time and if things are meant to work your way, they will.


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