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{October 27, 2010}   Preventing skin from tan

All of us are forced to walk in the sun at some point of time during the day. It can get irritating and hot when it’s on warm summer’s day but on a cold wintry afternoon; there could be nothing better than walking in the sun. The sun’s rays contain Vitamin D, which is known to cure many ailments. But one side-effect of walking in the sun is the tan that tags along. Tan is quick on the skin but can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. A better solution is to prevent tan from attacking the skin.

Though many of us like that slight brown look on our skin which is considered sexy, in reality, tan can be quite embarrassing, especially if you want to wear sleeveless dresses. Certain parts of our body, which are constantly exposed to the sun, become darker than the others.

There is only a thin line of difference between sun bathing and sun tanning. While sun bathing is considered good for the skin due to exposure to Vitamin D, sun tanning is a natural process to protect the skin from harmful UV rays where the skin produces a pigment called melanin which darkens the skin complexion and excessive exposure can culminate in something as deadly as skin cancer.

One major item that everybody bears in mind while stepping out into the sun is a sunscreen. Apply a sunscreen with a good SPF to protect the sun’s UV rays from roasting your skin. There are different kinds of sunscreen lotions available. Depending upon your level of exposure to the sun, choose an appropriate sunscreen. Apply it generously on your arms, face, neck and feet.

Whenever outside, wear a thin jacket or shirt to keep off the sun’s rays. Wear sunglasses or a hat to protect your eyes and your head.

In addition, there are many home remedies which will help in not just preventing tan but also from removing existing tan.

1. Before you step out of the house, make a solution consisting of 4 tsp of sandalwood oil, 2 tsp of almond oil and 5 tsp of coconut oil and apply this solution to the affected body parts.
2. Preparing a paste of turmeric, yoghurt and barley (all in equal quantities) and applying to the tanned area can help in reducing the tanned effect.
3. Try applying aloe vera gel on the affected parts for some time. Wash it off later. The aloe vera will not just lighten your skin tone but also provide a cooling sensation.
4. The skin of freshly peeled potato is also effective in removing mild tan.
5. A mixture of sugar, fresh lemon juice and glycerin must be scrubbed over the tanned parts of body. This is yet another remedy.
6. A mixture of vinegar and water should be dabbed with cotton on the skin. After 15 minutes this must be rinsed off with moderately cold water. This mixture acts as a natural shield for the skin.

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