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{October 27, 2010}   Paris Hilton Smuggles Cocaine In Her Privates?

By Rachel Allen
10 Sep 2010

– by Rachel Allen, Staff Writer; Image: Paris Hilton has been in legal problems lately following her arrest in Las Vegas for possession

Heiress Paris Hilton’s latest cocaine allegations have brought the semi-retired fame-whore back into the spotlight. She never was considered a good entity in the media, but it seems like she has been spiraling even more out of control than usual recently.

After getting caught in with cocaine in a purse that she “borrowed” from someone else, more ridiculous accounts of her addiction have come out.

Most notably, a new book is out by former “Girls Gone Wild” cameraman Ryan Simkin. It is called “FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild,” and in one part of the book he recounts a meeting with Paris Hilton.

After delivering Hilton drugs from his boss at a photo shoot, he says:  “I asked if she was flying private, and she said, ‘No, commercial.’ And then as politely as I could, I asked her how she planned on traveling with that amount of blow and X. She held the [cigarette] box in her right hand, and then with an underhand swoop like a lower case J, she demonstrated exactly how she intended to beat airport security. She even whistled as she did it. A little alley-oop with the Camel Box, straight up her snatch. Classic.”

Aside from grotesque awe that Hilton can actually do that with a cigarette box , the news is pretty depressing.  If the allegations are true (which they may not be,) this little tale of wonder only illustrates how dependent Hilton must be or have been on drugs.

While Lindsay Lohan has been in the public eye non-stop, Paris has fallen off the map – which is in opposition to her apparent goal in life: to be celebrity.

It has to be hard for the poor girl– Paris was the original Lindsay, serving jail time for alcohol and driving related incidents, but no one ever talked about Hilton possibly having a career revival afterwards.

Well, she’s certainly back in the limelight again, but at what cost?

Her arraignment for the cocaine charge won’t happen until the end of October, but these new allegations are certainly not helping her public image.

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