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{October 27, 2010}   Green Tea Benefits

Green tea has been gaining popularity all over the world in the recent times. It was first discovered by the Chinese and has been used by them as a medicine for the last 3000 years. Its budding reputation can be attributed not only to the invigorating taste but also to the numerous health benefits associated with it.

Green tea has an interesting story behind its breakthrough. It is said that in the year 2737 BC, Emperor Shen Nung was boiling water whilst some green tea leaves fell into the water and the brew gave off a pleasant aroma. The emperor didn’t hesitate to drink it, and thus green tea was revealed.

Green tea is distinctive to any other drink for, it is not fermented. The tea leaves are then steamed right away after harvest, leaving no time for the leaves to oxidize. This domino effect holds more enzymes and nutritional content.

Green tea contains polyphenol, which is an anti-oxidant.

Antioxidants are the substances that destroy the free radicals which damage the compounds that alter the body cells, tamper with DNA, and even grounds for cells demise. The bitter taste of green tea is endorsed by the presence of polyphenols.

In Chinese and Indian traditional medicines, green tea was used for refreshment, diuretic and to improve heart health. It was also used in treatment of flatulence, regulating body temperature and blood sugar, promoting digestion, and civilizing psychological disorders. Green tea also contains alkaloids including caffeine, Theo bromine, and theophylline. These alkaloids are bestowed with stimulant effects.

Green tea also comprises a thermogenic property that speeds up the oxidation of fats. It results in reduction of weight. Another important component present in green tea is the epigallocatechin or the EGCG. The EGCG goes as far as killing cancer cells without damaging the tissues.

Green tea also stretches from a desirable LDL (bad cholesterol) to HDL (good cholesterol) ratio. This means fewer propensities to develop blood clot that leads to deadly heart attacks or strokes.

You might be wondering whether consuming green tea has any side effects, and the answer is no. The only side effect, if it can be called that, of green tea is insomnia due to the caffeine present in it, but its caffeine content is negligible compared to that of coffee.

So, go ahead, what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a packet of green tea for a healthy life!

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