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{October 27, 2010}   Coping with a Crying Baby

By Nidarshana Sharma


-by Nidarshana Sharma

It is natural for babies to cry all the time. Even healthy newborns cry for anywhere between one and three hours every day. Since babies are unable to do anything by themselves, they need to rely on us for every little chore. Crying is a way of communicating their needs to us. As a new parent, we may find it difficult to comprehend why our baby is crying and this may be upsetting. However, you will gradually begin to recognize your baby’s different crying patterns and, as you get to know her better, will be able to anticipate her needs.

As your baby grows, they learn different ways of communication. Babies get better at making eye contact and even smile, all of which will reduce the need for crying.

Here are a few reasons why babies cry

1. Babies cry when they’re hungry. It is the most common reason why babies cry. The younger the baby is the more likely it is that they cry out of hunger. If your baby is crying, try offering them some milk. Let the baby be fed till they feel satisfied . If your baby continues to cry in spite of being fed, then it should be understood that they are trying to put forth some other need.
2. If your baby’s nappy is soiled or the clothes are too tight, they may protest by crying. Some babies are okay with this and find a full nappy very warm. So if your baby is crying, you could try changing their nappy.
3. Some babies hate a nappy change or being bathed because they are not used to the feel of air around them. So make sure to keep them warm and try to change their nappies quickly. Remember, they need to be dressed in one more layer than us.
4. Babies require constant cuddling and attention. Their moods are lifted when they hear your voice or see you. So maybe your baby is crying for you to hold them.
5. Sometimes when there are hordes of people visiting us and spending time with your baby, they might feel too tired and want to switch off. This could be another reason for babies cry.
6. Sometimes your babies does not know why they are crying. It could be out of sickness, or some kind of discomfort. So check if everything is alright.

What can you do if your baby is crying?

1. Hold them tightly and wrap them up in a nice, warm blanket.
2. Find a constant rhythm to keep humming.
3. Many babies love being rocked gently. So sit on a rocking chair with them or try a traditional cloth hammock.
4. Try massaging them back or tummy. Sometimes your baby might just need a small burp.
5. In some newborns, the need to suck is very strong and sucking a pacifier or (clean) finger or thumb can bring great comfort.

Sometimes, when your baby cries incessantly it tends to get stressful for you. But if your baby’s needs are met and there is no immediate problem which needs to be addressed, it is okay to let your baby cry, if they to stop.

Being a newborn’s parent can be tough, especially when your newborn cries a lot. Don’t let it stress yourself much and take help if required. As your child grows things will surely change and they will learn different way of communication .

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