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{October 6, 2010}   Parties and Pubs

Parties and Pubs

Parties and Pubs

Everyone wants to be a part of the page 3 lot, and all the girls vie to be called PYT’s (Pretty young things) these days. You don’t know what these are? Then you should seriously start reading your newspaper thoroughly and following modern culture on the television, because these, are the latest phenomenon on the party circuit. Whether you like the blatant exhibitionism or not, this is here to stay. Parties and pubs have become a part of ‘modern culture’ with everyone from college kids to 30 something adults taking to it. While college parties have been a tradition from yester years, with the only change now being that the parties these days are wilder and most of the young women are shedding their inhibitions to party as hard as the boys.

Another interesting thing is the claiming of ‘local bars’ as seen in the popular television series ‘How I Met Your Mother’ as the protagonists in their late 20’s spend most of their time frequenting their local bar. Though some people, still very conservative in their views, frown upon all this, partying is now the accepted form of social interaction. ‘You get to meet new people, drink, eat good food, what’s wrong about that?’ is the thinking of many people and they’re right.  Partying is a good way to unwind after working hard all week, to catch up with friends, and for all those who are single, to meet new people.

So here are some partying tips to dress up right, and get home safe!

1)    You need to dress according to your conformability. If you’re the dress-y type of person, go all out with that cocktail dress. If you are very simple in your tastes, just put on basic jeans and tee and jazz up your look with the right accessories. Remember, when you feel great, you look great!

2)    When it comes to make up, it’s all about the type of party you’re going to. Wear your make-up according to that. Experiment with your make-up, but be in your comfort zone at the same time. Smoky eyes are a good look for a night out. Your confidence helps you carry off whatever it is that you’re wearing, so remembering to be oozing loads of it when you enter any party!

3)    Before you go to a party, tell someone you trust where you’re going and what you’re going to do.

4)    Make a list of the things you need and be sure to take them all before you leave the house.

5)    Using alcohol or any other drugs is risky and the safest option is not using any at all. However, if you choose to, drink lots of water and snack in between drinks.

6)    Avoid drinking anything that you haven’t drunk before and avoid mixing alcohol with other substances. It produces unpredictable effects.

7)    Go partying with people you can rely on. Stick to each other and make sure everyone’s safe. Arrange places to meet your friends if you get separated.

8)    If you’re consuming alcohol, decide who your sober designated driver will be. If you’re taking a cab, make sure someone see you off to it.

9)    Always carry some emergency money, numbers and identification with you.


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