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Everyone wants their kids to grow up to be fine citizens of the country, of the world. To make sure that this happens, parents must take up the responsibility of inculcating ethics in their kids from their early days. To the first child parents, this task seems to be quite daunting , but just learn from the experienced parents.When you think back, it is your parents who taught you how to love, so be assured that you can do the same for your child. There is no definite “method” as such to teach ethics to kids. It should be gradual and by way of example and constant attention to your child.

All religions preach the same moral values, so if you want to initiate your kids to your religion, talk to them about it. Tell them interesting stories from your holy books. Take them along when you go to your place of worship.

Kids learn the most from someone who they look up to, love and who they are around always, YOU. Display good ethics and be just in whatever it is that you do. Teach by way  of example. This is the best way to show your kids how to take the right, moral decisions from a young age. It would be pointless if you tell your child to answer the phone and “Tell whoever it is  I’m not home”  while you’re preaching to them about honesty.

Monitor your child’s activities. Whenever they’re doing something wrong, tell them so. Make it clear to them  that you do not approve of such things. Don’t let them watch cartoons or television programs unsuited for their age. At the same time, reward your child when they do something right. This gives them an incentive to do the right thing always, and it gradually becomes a habit.

Some times, kids really don’t know better and they take to lying. It may be about small inconsequential things or bigger things, and they may even think they are just jokes. Some children are unsure of the difference between lying and telling funny stories. Explain to your child that lying is any tale made up either to impress others or keep from getting into trouble and often creates more problems than just being honest. Help your child to understand that lying is not a good trait and hurts people’s feelings.

If your child continues to lie, help him learn through consequences. Use punishments to coincide with lies. When your child lies to you or others, give him punishments like lessening their favourite activity’s time or for younger children, time-outs.  On the other hand, if your child is honest with you, reward him. Tell him how proud you are that he told you the truth and give him something he enjoys such as time with you, movie night, or even out for ice cream.

Talk to your child about their daily activities, and if they are doing anything wrong, or if they’re confused about what to do, guide them along. Yelling will get you no where, even if your kids are very young. Discuss with them what they’re doing is wrong and why it is wrong and how they can rectify it.

There are many children’s books in the market which teach kids about honesty, sharing and caring through a series of beautiful illustrations and simple words. Encourage your kids to read them, or read them out your self at bed time so that they get a good bed-time story and some good moral values!


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