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{October 5, 2010}   Facials


Facials are a great mean to obtain that flawless skin.They rejuvenate your skin by rehydration and leaves a fresh and clean charm.Facials are the next best to massages and have always produced great results.They are sometimes called ‘deep cleansing facials’ or ‘deep pore cleansing facials’.There are different kinds of facials such as Classic European Facial ,Age-Defence Facial,Photo Facial etc.

There are a variety of ingredients used in facials,all depending upon the type of skin you have and the kind of treatement you require.Fruit facials have been picking up lately-some popular ones being cucumber,honey,lime,peach,strawberry etc.A number of women,much to the dismay of beauticians have started making their own facial masks at home.But there is still a large group which swears by the conventional facial session at the parlor.

A facial usually begins with cleaning the face with cotton pads to remove any outer layer of dirt from the face.Sometimes a beauty product that suits your skin  (oily,dry,combination,normal,sensitive,mature) is used .The next step is exfoliation – where a scrub is used gently to discard the dead and unwanted skin cells of the face.The best part about scrubbing is that it can be done at home too,provided you have an effective scrub.Scrubs are generally composed of gritty particles which exfoliate your dead skin cells.Consequently,you must steam your skin.

Here, a hot towel is pressed to the skin or one can inhale steam.Steam opens up your clogged pores and lets your skin breathe.Otherwise,clogged pores could lead to irritation which can manifest itself in the form of pimples and acne.After this, is the time for the face mask.As mentioned earlier,a face mask comprises a lot of components.Different face masks are used for different skin types.Popular ones are fruity masks or clay masks as they have a cooling effect and are natural.It is advisable to opt for a natural mask as they can also be made at home and do not have any side effects.There are also specialized masks to overcome problems like darkening ,pimples, scars etc.

The mask has to be left on the skin for sometime,which could be anywhere between a few minutes to an hour, after which it may either be wiped off or peeled off your skin.Sometimes, extraction of blackheads and whiteheads may also occur.Extractions can hurt quite a bit and can also cause marks if your skin is sensitive or if done improperly.The next step is application of toners.Toners closeup your pores and cleanse your skin.There’re a must after exfoliation.They are available with varying contents of alcohol,with the mildest ones containing the least.

Many effective home remedies are also available for facials.Ideally, you must get a facial done once in every four to six weeks which is generally the regeneration period for your skin.


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