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{October 1, 2010}   Can kids be given the freedom to choose their necessities?

Can kids be given the freedom to choose their necessities

Can kids be given the freedom to choose their necessities

Kids of these days are becoming increasingly conscious of the world around them and have decided opinions about what they want right from the age of 2 or 3. Influenced by popular media like television, movies and even the internet to a certain extent, they are more like teenagers than the kids they ought to be. Parents are proud of their kids’ progress but they are also concerned about the kind of demands that they have to meet. The question that whether they can really be given the freedom to choose their necessities that arises amidst all this. And the answer is not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

There are a wide numbers of factors that come into play while considering this. Kids cannot be given the freedom to choose their food. Hooked onto junk food and fast food, given their own choice kids will not eat in the right way and if this happens they will be at a great risk for health problems in the future. Parents should take control and tell their kids what they should eat. Of course, they can be allowed to eat treats, but it should not be their staple food. This will inhibit their growth too.

In the earlier days, kids didn’t have much of an opinion about the clothes they wore and usually wore whatever their parents bought them. But now, kids want to wear only branded clothes. They want the latest shoes, clothes that teen celebrities like Miley Cyrus, or their favourite sports stars wear. But do 7-year-old kids really need Air Jordan sneakers or Hannah Montana’s wardrobe or the latest Adidas bag ? The answer is a big fat NO. If you are giving into your child’s every demand like this you are only spoiling them. If you can’t afford all such items, or even if you can and you don’t want to spoil your kid, then you can lay down some rules so that they get the latest clothes/shoes that want.

Tell them that if they do very well in school or take up a particular chore around the house, they can have one fancy item that they want as a reward. Sit them down and explain why they can’t always wear a particular brand and how they shouldn’t be solely concerned about such things, especially at such a young age. They may sulk for a while, but you should be firm. It’s for their benefit. If kids get used to having their way all the time, they will face serious problems in the future as in life, you do NOT always get what you want. It’s better for them to prepared from childhood itself.

Some kids may want to get the haircut as their favourite star has. Well, see what this cut looks like before you flatly refuse. If you think it will suit your child, then why not? Go for it! And hair always grows back soon enough, so there’s no harm in letting your kid have a say in the type of haircut that they want. So giving your kid complete freedom in what they want is not at all advisable, but for somethings, sometimes, yes, they should be given freedom, because after all they too are human beings with choices and interests.


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