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{September 28, 2010}   Online Shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping

Online shopping is a somewhat recent phenomenon that revolutionized the use of internet for e-commerce. With the ever-growing popularity of sites like e-bay and amazon, it shows that online shopping is here to stay.

Online shopping is a boon to all the shopaholics out there. You can ‘window shop’ to your heart’s content, without ever setting foot outside your house! You can find something on the internet that suits your every need, whim and fancy, from house decor, books, shoes, to clothes and appliances! Here is a list of things you should keep in mind before you shop online

·    Make sure that the website you’re buying has a lot of credible contact information and preferably a store nearby where you can exchange or return your purchases if you’re not satisfied with them.
·    Look for customer reviews on the quality and credibility of the information that is put up on the websites. Often, what you get will be very different from what is advertised online, so check the websites and other forums if there are any such grievances registered against the store.
·    When you’re buying online, look for good deals. There are loads of websites and sales are on at least one of them all the time.
·    If  you’re buying something basic, compare the prices using some websites which are made only to compare the prices of things available on the internet.
·    Check for quality assurance. It’s always better to buy something of quality which will last as long time than to buy something cheap which is sure to fall apart in no time.
·    Always check the shipping charges (if any) before buying, because some times, the shipping is worth more than what you buy
·    Log in from a secure server and only then give your credit/debit card details because internet banking theft is on the rise.

Take special care that all these requirements are met, and then you can happily click away!


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