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{September 23, 2010}   How to make Children understand The Value of Money?

Most of us spend lavishly to satisfy the desires of our children, they are  at their liberty for  pocket money, and flaunting expensive gifts.  A smile on their lips is sufficient to make  the order of our day. However, many of us seldom realize that this creates the unwanted space for our children which may not go well with us as parents. They may not know the importance of  the value of money.

We must educate  our children to know the value of money. They must be made to understand that money cannot buy everything. When a child is pampered by everyone in the family, the child becomes down trodden  and starts taking everything for granted. That’s the reason why the child  must be said ‘No’at some occassions.  Otherwise, the child could grow up to splurge money unnecessarily and on unwanted things.

Right from childhood, certain habits are to be taught regularly and explain their significance . For instance,explaining the child why we should not eat outside eatables . Children are very smart in their behaviour and can throw tantrums over refusals of their wishes. We must explain them  that not everything in life is that easy to obtain or achieve.There rises some unnecessary wants in life . They must be informed  to exercise control over their desires and then if they can do it successfully you could reward them.

Another option would be to make them read stories about good manners, morals and social values . You could make them spend time with  their friends who are underprivileged than them. You could give them pocket money provided  it is  used judiciously  for the entire month. Some children have their own piggy banks where they collect the money that they get from friends and relatives. This is of immense help to them as they start realizing the importance of saving money.

At the same time, make sure you don’t make your child feel neglected. Pay attention towards your child’s  needs- the ones that really matter. You could help them in their academic work and get good acquaintance with them. Encourage your child in 360 degrees. Children love playing outdoors,so recreate them particularly in the evenings, as this activity makes the children to sweat out toxins from their body . Buy the child  some interesting games, toys, books, CDs etc.

Make sure the children are practiced in showing morale responsibility towards elders,neatness in house and cleanliness in surroundings, good health related habits and finally the importance of protecting resources given to us by Almighty.


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