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{September 21, 2010}   Gardening can be Fun

Gardening can be fun


Most of us enjoy gardening and spend time in midst of plants and bushes. Whether it is watering of plants or clipping away old leaves, we spend hours at a stretch. What makes gardening so fascinating? Some people believe they’re nature-lovers and simply enjoy being in a natural environment. Some others just adopt gardening as a hobby and take botany as their subject, while some others utilize this exercise to absorb the freshness and enjoy solidarity.

There are many types of gardening. Usually one that is practiced at home and the other outside the house. But some people, who stay in an apartment, may also have a terrace garden. There’s also indoor gardening where some plants are grown inside the house. There are various reasons for gardening followed by a few rules. Though the practice is put to the interest of individuals , sometimes gardening has to be done as a compulsion too. It is considered as an ordeal! In such cases, gardening can be limited to just watering the plants or mowing your lawn. You could keep your garden clean and tidy.
Gardening is not meant for everyone. It requires a lot of patience and enthusiasm. Here is some food for thought, gardening is only caring for your plants and keeping them happy. Sometimes, it turns to be at your beneficial. Some people grow very useful plants like tomatoes, chillies, guavas, and even mangoes. Many herbs find their way to people’s garden0. Aloe vera, basil are two very popular herbs. In addition, some people are pride to grow exotic flowers like Rose, carnation, lily, hibiscus that grace the gardens .
In addition,gardening is a demanding hobby and requires some serious involvement. Also, a bit of knowledge about plants helps a lot. Most of the elder generation enjoy gardening, so do the  youngsters.
Gardening however, can be a very messy deal. Mud and some creepy insects are a part and parcel of everyday gardening. Things can get worse especially when it rains. So a critical accessory is gloves. Don’t ever forget to wear gloves when you step into the garden. Even if it is just for organizing flower pots and placing them at the desire spots in the gardening area or launch or terrace ,gloves should be worn at all times. You could also wear boots sometimes. Mowing the garden is also important. Overgrown grass with trimmed and well-maintained plants does  appease anybody.Your garden reflects your attitude and personality. A well-maintained garden with a collection of bonsai and rare plants is a beautiful and serene to watch at and is easy to monitor such gardening. but it may be quite cumbersome to handle the gardening.Thereby it reflects one’s self interest for gardening .

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